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412 North C Street
Cripple Creek, CO 80813-0897
p. 719-689-9230

Cresson Elementary School
in Cripple Creek, CO

Phone Number, Test Scores, Demographics, Faculty, Address, and Students

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District & State Agencies

School District:
Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1
State Agency:
Colorado Department Of Education

Information Summary

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School Demographics and Characteristics

School TypeRegular school
Grades offeredPrekindergarten – 6th Grade
LevelPrimary School
Teacher FTEs19.1
Surrounding communityRural, Distant Census-defined rural territory that is more than 5 miles but less than or equal to 25 miles from an urbanized area, as well as rural territory that is more than 2.5 miles but less than or equal to 10 miles from an urban cluster.
Title I Eligible
School-wide Title I
Magnet School
Charter School
Shared-time School

Demographics of Surrounding Area

Reported area around or near Cripple Creek, CO 80813-0897
Total Population1,938 (N/A urban / 1,938 rural)
Households830 (2.28 people per house)
Median Household Income$39,435
Families506 (2.77 people per family)
Pop. — African American20
Pop. — Asian23
Pop. — Pacific Islander1
Pop. — American Indian / Alaskan Native65
Pop. — White (incl. Hispanic)1,830
Pop. — Other44

Special Student Programs

What portion of students are enrolled in special programs?
  # in School % of School % of District
Free Lunch Students 91 34%  
Reduced-Price Lunch Students 43 16%  
Low-Cost Lunch Students 134 50%  
Migrant Students
Special Ed. Students    
English Language Learners     0%

Averaged Freshmen Graduation Rate (AGFR)

The averaged freshman graduation rate is the number of graduates with regular diplomas compared to the size of the incoming freshman class.
  District State
Black Non-HispanicN/A60%
Asian / Pacific IslanderN/A59%
American Indian / Alaskan NativeN/A69%
White Non-HispanicN/A83%
All Students>82%77%

Completion / Diploma Recipients

Senior students that successfully complete through High-School and receive either a diploma or other completion certificate. Note: %'s are based on total population and do not imply dropout rates.
  # in District % of Seniors
in District
% of Seniors
in State
H.S. Diploma Recipients 50 82.46%
GED Recipients     5.81%
Other Completers 2 5.29%

Student Demographics

How many students enroll at Cresson Elementary School?
  # in School % of School % of State
Black Non-Hispanic8<2%5%
Asian / Pacific Islander1<N/A3%
American Indian / Alaskan Native41%1%
White Non-Hispanic230>85%61%
Prekindergarten 4 1 38 43
Kindergarten 1 1 23 25
1st Grade 3 29 32
2nd Grade 1 4 2 19 26
3rd Grade 1 5 30 36
4th Grade 1 2 1 30 34
5th Grade 2 3 33 38
6th Grade 3 4 28 35
Total 8 26 1 4 230 269

Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1 – District Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents) for Cresson Elementary School's local district.
  FTEs % of District % of State
Instructional Aides18.0>35%27%
Instructional Coordinators &amp; SupervisorsN/A3%
Library / Media Specialist1.2>2%2%
Library / Media Support2.6>5%2%
Guidance Staff (Elementary)0.9>2%1%
Guidance Staff (Secondary)0.9<2%3%
Guidance Staff Total1.8>4%3%
District Admins1.0<2%2%
Dist. Admin/Sppt1.9<4%8%
School Admins2.0<4%5%
School Admin/Sppt4.3<8%9%
Other Support17.3>34%26%
  FTEs % of District % of State

Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1 Financial Summary

General district financials with comparisons to all districts in state.
  District State Ave.
  Amount Per Student Per Student
Payments to Private Schools  $29
Payments to Charter Schools   
Long–Term Debt
 Outstanding at Beginning of Fiscal Year$3,480,000<$6,783$8,544
 Issued During Fiscal Year  $7,622
 Retired During Fiscal Year  $7,622
 Outstanding at End of Fiscal Year$3,480,000<$6,783$9,243
Short–Term Debt
 Outstanding at Beginning of Fiscal Year   
 Outstanding at End of Fiscal Year   
 Sinking Fund$1,461,000>$2,847$1,184
 Bond Fund  $3,534
 Other Funds$1,693,000<$3,300$5,341
Total Revenues$6,202,000<$12,089$14,504
Total Expenses$5,953,000<$11,604$14,568

Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1 Teacher / Support Staff Salaries & Benefits

District compensation packages for teachers, instructional aides, and support staff.
  District † State Ave. †
† Limited to Teacher Salaries
Regular Education Programs$1,880,000$10,207,716
Special Education Programs$70,000$1,680,058
Vocational Education Programs$69,000$462,531
Other Education Programs $1,247,211
  District State Ave.
  Salary Benefits Salary Benefits
Instruction (incl. Teachers)$2,250,000$748,000$13,763,954$3,178,692
Support Services
 Pupils  $1,149,593$274,946
 Instructional Staff$95,000$38,000$1,114,082$254,549
 General Administration$76,000$20,000$247,841$55,005
 School Administration$234,000$80,000$1,779,397$418,273
 Operation &amp; Maintenance of Plant$135,000$60,000$1,281,733$335,540
 Student Transportation$132,000$79,000$659,044$169,236
 Business / Central / Other$62,000$20,000$872,067$201,360
Food Services$51,000$24,000$413,640$109,127

Local District Expense Detail

Expense categories and state-level comparison for Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1.
  District State Ave.
  Amount Per Student Per Student
Elementary / Secondary Education
  Support Services
  Pupils  $884
  Instructional Staff$143,000<$278$661
  General Administration$132,000<$257$659
  School Administration$320,000>$623$615
  Operation &amp; Maintenance of Plant$398,000<$775$1,060
  Student Transportation$342,000>$666$425
  Business / Central / Other$274,000<$534$982
  Other Expenses
  Food Services$195,000>$380$371
  Enterprise Operations  $62
Non-Elementary / Non-Secondary Education
 Community Services$2,000<$3$91
 Adult Education  $46
Capital Outlay
 Land &amp; Existing Structures$19,000<$37$342
 Instructional Equipment  $106
 Other Equipment$296,000>$576$321
 Non-Specified Equipment   
Payments to State Govt's$108,000>$210$82
Payments to Local Govt's   
Payments to Other School Systems$10,000<$19$819
Debt Interest$149,000<$290$367

Local District Revenue Detail

Revenue categories and state-level comparison for Cripple Creek Victor School District No. Re 1.
  District State Ave.
  Amount Per Student Per Student
Federal Revenue
  Through State
  Title I$62,000<$120$772
  Children with Disabilities Idea  $2,951
  Math, Science, and Teacher Quality$21,000<$40$185
  Safe and Drug Free Schools$2,000<$3$18
  Title V, Part A$1,000<$1$11
  Vocational and Tech Education  $177
  Bilingual Education  $79
  Child Nutrition Act$100,000>$194$152
    Direct from Federal Government
  Impact Aid  $368
  Indian Education  $17
State Revenue
 General Formula Assistance$1,531,000<$2,984$5,309
 Staff Improvement Programs  $5
 Special Education Programs  $2,591
 Compensatory and Basic Skills Programs   
 Bilingual Education Programs  $7
 Gifted and Talented Programs  $216
 Vocational Education Programs$15,000<$29$57
 School Lunch Programs$6,000>$11$5
 Capital Outlay and Debt Services Programs$178,000<$346$372
 Transportation Programs$65,000>$126$100
 Other Programs$121,000>$235$134
  On Behalf
  Employee Benefits   
  Not Employee Benefits   
Local Revenue
 Parent Government Contributions   
 Property Taxes$3,283,000>$6,399$3,732
 General Sales Taxes  $348
 Public Utility Taxes   
 Individual and Corporate Income Taxes   
 All Other Taxes  $116
 From Other School Systems$176,000<$343$907
 From Cities and Counties$1,000<$1$71
 Tuition Fees from Pupils and Parents$3,000<$5$297
 Transportation Fees from Pupils and Parents  $18
 School Lunch$46,000<$89$129
 Textbook Sales and Rentals  $14
 District Activity Receipts$102,000<$198$372
 Students Fees, Non-Specified   
 Other Sales and Services  $80
 Interest Earnings$76,000<$148$249

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