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The Best Two-Year Colleges in California

College of the Redwoods: Hands-On Learning With Community Focus

As one of the most diverse states in the entire country, it’s no wonder that California is also able to offer a truly incredible amount of options when it comes to furthering one’s education. And one of the best resources is the fact that, with so many counties enjoying superior levels of funding, you are able to get the sort of education from attending a two-year college in-state that many people could not receive elsewhere in the country. Whether you’re an hour from the craggy rocks of northern California’s unforgettable coastline or perched on a mountaintop amid redwoods, there are just as many chances to attend a more rustic two-year college as to join the bustle of your local metropolis.

College of the Redwoods: Hands-On Learning With Community Focus

Eureka, California’s beautiful coastline and woods make it an appealing choice for many, but what about those residents who long for more education up in northern California? College of the Redwoods provides a two-year college where the focus is on a quality education as well as a thriving on-campus life, something that is often a bit of a minority in the world of junior colleges. Residence halls add to the four-year college feel, though students are able to complete their programs quickly, choosing from 20 diverse areas of study. Including associate degrees in Health Occupations and Technology, College of the Redwoods also offers more unique fare like Marine Science Technology that makes use of the school’s location, as well as a program in Historic Preservation and Restoration Technology.

Fresno City College: A Chance For Everyone to Grow

As one of the more bustling California cities, it makes sense for Fresno to also be the site of one of the first community colleges in the entire state. While other programs at nearby institutions might require ACT or SAT test scores, Fresno City College has a 100 percent rate of admittance, meaning that if you successfully complete the application and are dedicated about your education, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous courses. Those who are unable to attend classes during regular hours due to work commitments can still earn their degree through less conventional scheduling, such as taking part in the school’s Weekend College Program.

Lassen College: On-Campus Options

Sometimes, the junior college experience doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the chance to live on-campus. After all, the experience of being thrown in with your peers can be an asset to your academic learning. Close enough to the Nevada border that student groups sometimes organize trips to Las Vegas, Lassen College provides an extensive combination of academic and vocational learning opportunities in the small town of Susanville, California. With close to 10 percent of the student body living on campus, there tends to be more life in the buildings than other junior colleges, especially those in small towns.

Glendale Community College Los Angeles: A Fresh Start in the City

For those who want to attend classes in a more urban location, Glendale Community College is an excellent choice. Located close to the bustle of Los Angeles, applicants are not required to have graduated high school in order to enroll. This means that anyone who is seriously dedicated about getting started on the proper path to education can start classes here. Whether an interest in business or more liberal arts oriented fields draws prospective students, or there is more of a need for vocational-based training, Glendale Community College manages to provide both.

Santa Rosa Junior College: Athletics, Academics, and Excellence

With its ideal location in Santa Rosa, California, Santa Rosa Junior College provides an excellent opportunity for residents of Sonoma county who are looking for a junior college. With a popular culinary arts center and a functioning farm as part of its facilities, students have access to state-of-the-art learning tools that prepare them immediately for real-life job situations. Those who need flexibility can take advantage of the online learning options, which combine on-site classes with online offerings. As far as academic rigor in California’s two-year colleges goes, this is one of the more strict institutions.

Berkeley City College: Varied Academics and Arts in Downtown

For those who long to be in a larger city setting for junior college, Berkeley City College is an excellent choice. Instead of simply focusing on programs designed for vocational training, BCC actually provides a wide array of courses in the arts and liberal arts as well. A majority of students attending BCC do transfer to four-year colleges to complete their bachelor’s degrees, meaning that the general atmosphere on campus is one of hard work and achievement. The Transfer Center works hard to assist students in getting into a four-year college as their second year begins to draw to a close.

Bakersfield College: Training For Work

For those who require hands-on skills needed to get started immediately in the workforce, look no further than Bakersfield College. Located in a bustling metropolitan area, Bakersfield College’s particular strengths include the numerous trade-oriented programs, where professionals who are currently working in their industries assist students with the learning needed to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. A variety of associate’s programs in academics are also offered, and students take advantage of campus life by enrolling in the popular school sports. For those who need college instruction at a more flexible schedule, numerous students take advantage of the distance and online learning options.

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