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Excellent Two-year Colleges in Illinois

Richard J. Daley College, Kennedy-King College, Malcolm X College, Olive-Harvey College

Illinois is situated in the upper mid-western United States and enjoys a varied climate throughout the state, though most places usually have hot summers and cool winters. Many a famous people have come from the great state of Illinois including Harrison Ford, Walt Disney, Ernest Hemingway and Ronald Reagan. It is home to some of the most diverse cities in the nation and offers some great choices for higher education. Many two-year colleges can be found throughout the state, but they tend to be concentrated in large metropolitan areas such as Chicago. In fact, Chicago offers an excellent array of community colleges to choose from that are each independently accredited and affordable. The 7 schools that comprise the Chicago City College system have a total of over 100,000 students enrolled, a testament to system’s rousing success.

Richard J. Daley College

Originally named William J. Bogan Junior College, it was renamed after the death of Chicago’s honorable mayor who set the college’s construction in motion. Together with its sister site the Arturo Velasquez Institute, it is home to more than 10,000 full-time and part-time students. It offers an affordable array of over 50 educational programs that can lead to a four-year college transfer or entrance directly into the workforce. It gives its students access to a 60,000 volume library and laboratories for accounting, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, languages, microcomputer programming, electronics and word processing. It also offers free ESL (English as a Second Language) and GED classes to its students.

Kennedy-King College

Named in honor of both Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. a year after they were both assassinated, the school is host to both the Dawson Technical Institute and the Washburne Culinary Institute. The Dawson Technical Institute is an occupational training center that focuses on construction, though there are programs available for health, business and food service. The Washburne Culinary Institute offers an affordable and high quality culinary education. Kennedy-King college has 2 gymnasiums, a television studio, a radio station, and a spacious Academic Support center, among many other amenities. The innovative design of its main campus building is often lauded by Architects.

Malcolm X College

The Malcom X College dates back to being the first city college to open its doors in Chicago. A variety of associate degree programs are offered that range from Applied Science to Psychology. They also have access to work development courses that include ESL and continuing education programs. Classes take place both on site and off site at West Side Learning Center. It has a notable sports presence, with men’s basketball and cross-country and women’s basketball being available.

Olive-Harvey College

Named after two Medal of Honor Recipients from the Vietnam War, Olive-Harvey College is the largest of Chicago’s City Colleges. It is centrally located very close to where numerous Chicago Transit Authority buses stop. The main facility, which cost around $28 million to complete, houses 35 special instructional areas and laboratories, 50 classrooms, a cafeteria, and a Learning Resource Center, which contains the college’s largest open computer laboratory. Numerous Associate degree programs are offered as well as Adult and Continuing Education classes.

Harry S Truman College

Originally named Mayfair College, it was changed to the Harry S Truman College in honor of President Harry Truman and his nomination for vice presidency in 1944, which occurred in Chicago. Some people may recognize it from its appearance in the romantic comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It has the largest student body of any of the City Colleges and it offers 30 certificate programs and 17 associate degree programs. It is noted for having the third largest Adult Education program in the country and the largest in Illinois. It offers credit towards Associate’s degrees in Arts, Science, Applied Science, Arts in Teaching, and Fine arts.

Harold Washington College

Named after the first African American mayor of Chicago, it offers a variety of two-year degrees as well as offering assistance to students who wish to transfer to a four-year college later. It is the only City College that has a program for taxicab driver certification. It is home to a state-of-the-art building that houses the Library & Multi-Media Center, expanded Computer Classrooms, and classrooms with all the amenities art and science students require. Their newly-furnished rooms can accommodate concert and theater events as well as provide space for conferencing and meetings.

Wilbur Wright College

Wilbur Wright College offers numerous two-year degrees, including Associate’s degrees in Arts, Science, Engineering Science, Fine Arts, and General Studies. It is home to the Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center, a great resource for its over 11,000 currently enrolled undergraduate students. It has an almost non-existent crime rate and offers many forms of financial aid. It’s Nursing certification programs and it’s two-year degree programs for liberal arts and sciences remain the most popular options. Around 99% of the student body reside in state, making it a true locall two-year college for Illinois residents.

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