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Great Small Colleges and Universities in Illinois

Blackburn College, Columbia College Chicago, Elmhurst College, Loyola University Chicago, Illinois College

Illinois has the enviable position of being in the middle of the midwest and having all the perks that are associated with that. Because of it’s location, it is a vibrant center of culture, commerce, agriculture, and higher education. It is home to people of various backgrounds and preferences, with such cities as Chicago being microcosms of culture. Commerce thrives due in no small part to it being the main point of entry into the Mississippi river from the Great Lakes region. Being one of the biggest producers of soy beans in the United States, Illinois is a cornucopia of agricultural productivity. It is happens to be home to some of the best education available anywhere, even as judged on an international scale.

Blackburn College

A tiny school of just around 600 students, Blackburn College is also ironically one of the cheapest private liberal arts colleges in Illinois. It’s inexpensive due in part to the mandatory student-led work program that all undergraduates are expected to participate in. It is one of only seven colleges in the United States that is recognized as a work college.

Columbia College Chicago

With just over 12,000 students enrolled, Columbia College Chicago is the largest art school in the nation. There are a variety of departments within the three schools that make up the college, including Fiction Writing, Music, Photography, Education, English, Film & Video, Radio and Television, just to name a few. There is also a variety of campus media ranging from newspapers to radio shows that students have the opportunity of being a part of.

Elmhurst College

Elmhurst College has a well-maintained 38-acre campus that is home to numerous species of trees, providing a beautiful environment for its students. Despite having a student body of only approximately 2600, it is a liberal arts college that still manages to offer a comprehensive program for its students. It also offers many varsity sports for its students to get involved in that include bowling, soccer, softball, wrestling and much more.

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is a Jesuit private university that is home to 10 schools and colleges, including schools in the realms of business administration, arts and sciences, education, and communication, just to name a few. According to many reputable publications, it is considered to be both a tier-1 university and a great value, being ranked among the top 50 in the nation in the latter regard. Tipping the scales with a student body of approximately 15,000, its History and Business Administration programs are especially competitive nationally.

Illinois College

Founded in Jacksonville in 1829, it is the oldest college in Illinois, yet it remains as relevant as ever as a liberal arts college. Having a student body of a mere 1,000 individuals, it prides itself in having been one of the first colleges in Illinois to have LEED certified energy efficient living quarters. It maintains an ongoing cultural exchange program with a college in Japan.

Lincoln College

Lincoln college consists of two campuses, one located in Lincoln and the other in Normal. Most from the Lincoln campus graduate within two years and move on to four-year universities. The Normal campus offers both Bachelor’s in Arts and Bachelor’s in Science degrees. It is also home to the Midwest College of Cosmetology and the School of Travel and Tourism. The college has a program called ACCESS that helps those afflicted with ADD to successfully complete their studies.

Wheaton College

Consistently ranking highly among liberal arts colleges in major publications, Wheaton College is widely believed to be one of the best schools that teaches from a Christ-based worldview. A high percentage of graduates go on to earn doctorates, speaking highly of the students that Wheaton College admits in the first place. Because of it’s heavily Christian background, a strict code of behavior is expected to be adhered to.

North Central College

Traditionally a liberal arts based college, North Central College now offers degrees in many other studies including computer science, business administration and education. It is one of the more expensive small colleges that one can attend, with a year of education costing upwards of $30,000. But it consistently ranks among the top schools in the nation according to many reputable publications.

Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College has campuses located in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida. There are over 60 programs among 8 different schools, including such schools as Business, Technology and Design, and Nursing. There are a variety of Bachelor’s of Science degrees available that can even be earned online. Students can also choose to complete diploma and certification courses in career-focused areas.

Lake Forest College

It’s often referred to as “Chicago’s National Liberal Arts College ” because of its close proximity to Chicago and the emphasis on campus. It offers quite a few inventive majors in such realms as Asian Studies, Business, and Islamic Studies, making it one of the more innovative colleges a student can attend. Surprisingly, it also has a fairly competitive Hockey program as well.

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