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Two-Year Colleges in Florida

Florida State College at Jacksonville, Florida Keys Community College

While out-of-towners might picture Florida as an endless spring break state, the fact is that there is a whole lot more to the Sunshine State than its pristine stretches of sandy white beaches. From hotbeds of next-generation southern industry in Jacksonville and Orlando to the ever-changing landscape of Miami, a former orange grove turned one of the world’s hottest cities, Florida understands how important it is to keep up with the times. Its various colleges and universities are no exception to this rule. Whether you’re opting for one of the two-year institutions in a smaller college town or heading right to the heart of its busiest cities, students can count on having the best resources and faculty to train for the workforce or further educational opportunities.

Florida State College at Jacksonville

With dozens of different campuses and study centers all over Jacksonville, FSCJ, formerly FCCJ, is one of the most important resources for learning after high school in all of northeast Florida. While FSCJ was historically only a two-year college, recent changes to legislature in Florida have enabled some community colleges to get started on the road to adding four-year curriculum, too, and FSCJ is slated to follow suit. Students can choose between academic programs such as business and criminal justice, or can opt for the training that can propel them in the workforce. Most of the programs on the school’s North Campus are focused on facilities for the culinary and cosmetology departments, while the school’s Downtown Campus provides the space for more vocational studies, such as the various construction and repair courses.

Florida Keys Community College

If there’s one place on earth it might be ideal to attend community college, it would have to be the Florida Keys. Endless stretches of beach, sunshine year-round, and a more laid-back attitude in general makes going to class difficult for some, and easier for others. Florida Keys Community College offers the chance to earn two year associate’s degrees in a variety of different areas of study, with a particular emphasis on local business. This means that while it is possible for students to study more conventional fields like nursing or business, it is also possible to earn an associate’s degree in Marine Environmental Technology and Diving Business. With a love of the arts made clear by the state-of-the-art Tennessee Williams Fine Art Center, the country’s most southernmost community college is definitely an excellent choice.

Santa Fe Community College

As one of the busiest community colleges in the entire state of Florida, Santa Fe has managed to grow with the times while still maintaining an excellent standard. Located in Gainesville with various different nearby campuses to serve the surrounding area. With over 50 different programs to choose from for students interested in earning associate degrees, there are more than enough options to pursue various different courses of study. As one of the most bustling community colleges in the country, Santa Fe Community College offers an incredible opportunity in diverse curriculum to choose from, with the up-to-date facilities you need to be prepared for the workforce.

Daytona State College

While some might flock to Daytona Beach for breaks from their college experience, others take advantage of local two-year institution Daytona State College and its affordable and forward-thinking academic programs. The location of the city’s Southeast Museum of Photography, this is one two-year college that is interested in a well-rounded curriculum as well as more specific training skills. With a talented athletics department, students interested in pursuing excellence on the field can find a spot on the baseball, basketball, or golf teams. The school’s athletic department also takes advantage of the warm weather and has a notable swim team.

Indian River State College

A convenient drive from cities and towns in St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River Counties, Indian River State College provides the chance to earn an associate’s degree in a number of different areas. While recent developments on-campus have led to an expansion of degree offerings, the school’s main focus continues to be the chance for local students to earn associate’s degrees Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, IRSC also offers a number of more technical and vocation-oriented programs. Students from around the state of Florida who are forward-thinking when it comes to technology flock to IRSC to take advantage of the Kight Center for Emerging Technologies.

St. Johns River Community College

There’s a whole lot more to Northeast Florida than just the first coast and Duval county. For those who are living closer to Palatka and St. Augustine than to Jacksonville, St. Johns River Community College offers an excellent alternative to braving an hour-long commute, minimum, to get to classes. Fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, St. Johns River provides students with the chance to earn associate’s degrees in arts and in sciences. The college consists of four campuses, making it easier for students to find a place to study that is close to home. Students can choose to attend classes in Orange Park, St. Augustine, or Palatka, where there is a separate campus for those studying the arts.

Tallahassee Community College

For those students who hope to complete four-year degrees at FSU and Florida A&M, there’s no better start than two years at Tallahassee Community College. Located in the heart of Tallahassee, the school’s Associate in Arts transfer program is the most popular option on-campus, meaning that students can be fully prepared to head off to complete a degree nearby. With so many students enrolling in the program, TCC is known for its staggering success rate of graduates who go on to earn four-year degrees. With some of the most affordable classes in the entire state, opting for two years at TCC is not just a smart move in terms of one’s future, but also a great decision for anyone working with a more limited budget.

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