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Superior Academics at Large Four Year Universities in Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University

When potential college-goers begin doing the necessary research to find the right university for them, they typically consider both the standard of education and the setting that they will be studying in. Some of the nation’s most renowned universities aren’t necessarily found in New England, rather, the great southern belt hosts a great selection of large schools. With agreeable temperatures and a warm feel of southern comfort, the great education one can receive in Georgia is a sure bet. With emphasis on scientific and technological research, some of the largest universities in the state, such as Georgia Tech, have consistently been ranked among the top ten public universities in the country. Both in their scope and size, state universities in Georgia attract a diverse student body from all backgrounds and economic brackets.

Georgia Institute of Technology

With a student body of undergraduate and graduate students exceeding 20,000, and a reputation as one of the leading universities in technological and scientific research, there is no disputing the reputation of Georgia Tech. The university offers many top-ranking programs, which have been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is also consistently listed in the top ten of the US News & World Report’s highest ranked Universities in the United States. Georgia Institute of Technology also offers a unique identity for itself by emphasizing a multi-cultural student body. Year after year, Georgia Tech ranks high in the number of degrees awarded to African-American and other minority students.

Georgia Southern University

In the region south of Atlanta, the largest state university offering a comprehensive education to a student body of nearly 19,000 is Georgia Southern University. The university plays a unique role in the state of Georgia by offering the classic college campus experience. Students are given the opportunity to engage with the community in the form of education, health care and human services. At Georgia Southern University, the academic curriculum is closely tied to the local community. Located in Statesboro, Georgia, the university provides a peaceful setting unlike the urban center that is Atlanta. Here, students will find that as a Carnegie Doctoral/Research university, the university’s commitment to a distinguished academic identity, with multi-faceted services and scholarships help set it apart from other similar institutions.

Georgia State University

With 55 accredited degree programs in a variety of fields, Georgia State University is a leading urban research center. Located in the city of Atlanta, the school has boasted a lasting reputation since it’s founding nearly one hundred years ago in 1913. Alumni from the university have become notable members of society, with Georgia State alumni present in the realm of politics, business, and even the music industry. The school hosts a range of strong disciplinary-based departments, as well as a highly competitive athletics program, which competes with 16 teams at a high level of the NCAA. GSU is the second largest university in the state, with ninety percent of the student body coming from every county in Georgia. The school also hosts an impressive international student body at nearly 2,000 students coming from different countries around the world. In addition to its strong disciplinary programs, the university also offers important inter-disciplinary programs that focus on innovative problem-solving tactics. In total, Georgia State University has nearly 27,000 students in over 6 colleges completing their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

University of Georgia

With a mission that boasts a state and nation-wide philosophy, the University of Georgia is the state’s oldest, largest, and most comprehensive university. The University of Georgia has made it a fundamental goal to provide the college community with a strong entry point into the global community of the 21st century. UG is an established land grant—sea-grant institution, offering undergraduate degrees in 140 major fields of study. With an overall enrollment closing in on 35,000 students, the University of Georgia is also the largest state university in Georgia. Among its other valued pillars, the encouragement and teaching of a respectful understanding of cultural differences make it a progressive choice in the way of state universities. Its minority student body makes up roughly seventeen percent of its total population. Though Georgia residents compose the majority of the student body, about 79 percent, the remainder of those studying at the university comes from throughout the United States, as well as nearly 130 international countries. Another interesting point that has defined the school for the past several decades is its bustling music scene. Athens, Georgia has been ranked one of the top college towns to reside in by MSNBC, as it offers a unique music scene, comfortable southern flare, and more than agreeable diverse student body.

University of West Georgia

The Princeton Review named the University of West Georgia as one of the best Southeastern Colleges because of its commitment to academic excellence. Its diverse body of enrolled undergraduate students is given opportunities to get involved in more than 100 student organizations. The university also hosts a unique selection of classes available online. On top of its prestigious faculty and student body, the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools also accredits UWG. In addition to UWG’s firmly established academic curriculum, it also offers world-class student amenities like its state of the art athletic complex and stadium.

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