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Large Four-Year Universities in Michigan

Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State University, Northern Michigan University

Michigan consists of two separate peninsulas. The southeastern Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten and has a somewhat humid climate with warm summers and cold winters. In the extreme southern portion of the mitten, tornadoes are known to occur several times per year. Detroit, Michigan’s largest city and the birthplace of the automotive industry, is situated in the Lower Peninsula. The northwestern Upper Peninsula has shorter warm summers and cold to very cold winters. It is important for its natural resources and tourism industry. Dubbed the Great Lakes State because it is bounded by four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan is the eighth most populous state in the nation and home to some excellent higher education options.

Central Michigan University

Ranked as one of the top 100 largest universities in the nation, it has over 20,000 students enrolled and over 7,000 enrolled online. The recently renovated Charles V. Park Library helps to support on-campus academics by giving students access to over 1 million books. It also has the ability to accommodate as many as 2,600 students at a time inside the library itself for research and study. The Center for Professional and Personal Ethics sponsors appearances by nationally and internationally recognized guests for students to attend. The campus has over 22 residential houses for its students, with almost all rooms designed to accommodate 4 to 5 students. It also is host to quite a few NCAA Division I sports programs. The student-run newspaper called Central Michigan Life continues to pile up the accolades by winning awards in collegiate journalism.

Eastern Michigan University

Comprising of 5 different colleges and over 23,000 students, it offers over 200 majors and minors for its students to choose from. Construction is currently underway of a new $90 million science complex to add to the wide array of learning tools available. It home to a nationally highly ranked competitive speech team which consistently places in the top 10. Its main campus is located on a massive 880 acres of land. It is also host to over 21 NCAA Division I sports programs. Located a mere 35 miles west of Detroit, the school is considered to have a small city feel amidst a big metropolitan area.

Michigan State University

Having a student body of over 40,000 students, it’s the eighth largest university in the United States. The school has the largest study-abroad program in the nation for any single-campus university with over over 200 study-abroad programs in over 60 countries for its students to choose from. It is home to some of the most highly competitive Division I sports teams in the nation as well. Its alumni include at least 6 Pulitzer Prize winners, which not many universities can lay claim to. Because of its stellar academics and good reputation, it is often considered to be a Public Ivy university. It often appears on top 100 rankings for universities worldwide.

Northern Michigan University

It is the Upper Peninsula’s largest university with around 10,000 students enrolled. Every full-time undergraduate student and faculty member is promised their own laptop provided by the university, making this particular initiative one of the largest public university laptop programs in the world. It boasts national and international awards for its work in technology in higher education. It has a high percentage of graduates who find a job or continue their education within 6 months of graduating, with that figure hovering around 80%. It is known for a having a competitive NCAA Division I hockey team.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Originally founded in 1817 in Detroit, it is the oldest university in Michigan. It has one of the world’s largest number of living alumni at over 450,000 people. It is home to extremely competitive NCAA Division I ice hockey and football teams, with its football team using one of the largest football-only stadiums in the world. It is often ranked in the top 20 for universities worldwide according to many reputable publications. Over 70% of its major programs and departments are ranked in the top 10 in the nation. For reasons of excellent academics and prestige, it is considered to be one of America’s Public Ivies.

Western Michigan University

Comprised of around 1,200 acres and 150 buildings, it has around 24,000 students enrolled and is one of the larger public universities in Michigan. Of all the schools that comprise the university, it’s College of Aviation may be the most well-known. It has over 9,000 students enrolled, making it one of the largest aviation programs in the nation. It also has notable Paper Engineering and Business programs of study. Its theater department has produced many of the talent working throughout the entertainment industry today. It also boasts an excellent School of Music that is among the best in the nation.

Lake Superior State University

Often referred to as Lake State, it has an enrollment of only around 3,000 students, making it Michigan’s smallest public university. Because of its proximity to Canada it has a high percentage of Canadian students. The Canadian flag can also be seen on display throughout campus. It is known for having excellent wildlife management, fisheries, and environmental sciences programs.

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