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Large Four-Year Universities in Missouri

University of Missouri: Flagship Campus of the University of Missouri System

Although historically considered part of the south because of its political alignments during the Civil War, Missouri is now usually classified as a part of the Midwest, which is more in line with its physical location in the central-eastern region of the United States. With an estimated population of nearly 6 million, it is ranked as the eighteenth most populous state in the nation. It is tied with Tennessee for having borders with the most states, with that number standing at 8. In general, Missouri experiences cold winters and hot and humid summers, though it can experience extremes in temperatures because it does not have high mountains and isn’t located in close proximity to an ocean. The state is second only to Texas in the number of farms that reside there. Its major industries include aerospace, transportation equipment, chemicals, electrical equipment and beer. It also widely considered to have a number of excellent higher education choices, with the University of Missouri System offering some of the best options.

University of Missouri: Flagship Campus of the University of Missouri System

Located just south of downtown Columbia with a campus size of nearly 1,400 acres, it has a massive student body consisting of almost 24,000 undergraduates and 30,000 students in total. This makes it the largest university in Missouri. It is one of only six public universities that has a medical school, law school and a veterinary medicine school all on the same campus, and it is recognized for having top ranked programs in such areas as journalism, dispute resolution, family and community medicine, freshman interest groups and campus writing. It is home to the University of Missouri Research Center, which has the largest university research reactor in the nation. Its library maintains the second largest collection in Missouri, and even ranks among the top 50 in North America. It is the only school in the state where all of its sports programs compete in NCAA Division I. It is the flagship campus of the University of Missouri System.

University of Missouri – Kansas City: Another Excellent Choice in the State System

Part of the excellent University of Missouri System, it is located in Kansas City and has a student body that consists of just over 9,000 undergraduates and over 14,000 students in total. Its School of Medicine features a 6 year program where a student simultaneously earns their Bachelor’s of Art degree and their Doctor of Medicine degree. Its Theater MFA program is considered one of the best in the country. The school offers a number of sports that compete in NCAA Division I.

University of Missouri – St. Louis: The Newest School in the State System

The newest school in the University of Missouri System, it is the largest school by enrollment in the St. Louis area with a student body of nearly 16,000 students. It boasts an excellent student to faculty ratio, with most of its classes having less than 30 students. Its business school is the only school in the St. Louis area to be AACSB accredited in accounting. The business school’s International Business program ranks highly according to many reputable publications, often placing in the top 20 nationwide.

Missouri University of Science and Technology: Smaller School with a Science Focus

Formerly known as the University of Missouri, Rolla, it is the smallest school in the University of Missouri system with enrollment hovering around just 5,000 for the undergraduate class. The students here primarily study engineering, math, computing and the sciences. It is often ranked highly for its academics, but it’s also known to be a school that’s well-connected, so to speak, with more opportunities than average available for its students that often result in them becoming very successful. It is widely recognized for having excellent living facilities for its students, with its main residence hall often ranking very high according to many publications.

Southeast Missouri State University: An Excellent School for Prospective Teachers

Located in Cape Girardeau close to the majestic Mississippi River, the student body consists of around 9,000 undergraduate students. It began and first thrived as a normal school, or teaching school, and it still offers excellent teacher education. The school solidified its commitment to the arts with the recent addition of its Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts, located at the River Campus. Many of their sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I. The university’s newspaper, Capaha Arrow, is one of the oldest college newspapers still in publication.

Missouri State University: Featuring One of the Best Business Schools Nationwide

Located in Springfield, it is often considered to be one of the best schools in the region according to many reputable publications. Its College of Business Administration is especially highly lauded, being amongst the relatively few business schools that have been granted AACSB accreditation status. It is the state second largest university, with a student body of over 20,000 students. The school’s focal point, the Jane A. Meyer Carillon, is the largest carillon in the Midwest and is the campus icon.

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