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Great Two-Year Colleges in Maryland

Montgomery College: Offering Unique Honors Programs

Maryland’s education system includes some great programs that attract students from out of state to the area for study. When it comes to two-year programs, the 16 community colleges that form the Maryland Association of Community Colleges help to ensure that students get the best education in the area. Each year, around half a million students attend two-year colleges located throughout the state. The MDACC recently joined the State Administration to support Skills2Compete-Maryland, a plan to improve the skills of the working population. The goal of the plan is to help local students earn practical degrees that provide them with the background to successful obtain middle-skill jobs. Maryland has one of the highest median incomes for households across the country, and the economy includes over 350 biotechnology companies, providing job opportunities for graduates especially in the fields of life sciences and development.

Montgomery College: Offering Unique Honors Programs

In 1946, the Montgomery Junior College was formed and then moved to a nearby site a few years later. Additional campuses were opened in the 1960s and 1970s, and then again in the 2000s, making Montgomery College a sizable force in the local economy. Over 60,000 students take classes on the three campuses, selecting from more than 130 majors and programs ranging from Accounting and Business to Mathematics and Engineering. For the most dedicated students, the Renaissance Schools Program includes a chance for students to earn study abroad credit, just as the Montgomery Schools programs sends students for a summer term at England’s University of Cambridge. For students seeking more challenging work in the business field, the Macklin Business Institute Honors Program lets students do honors class work in the fields of economics and statistics, and to complete an internship as part of the degree program. Unique offerings through the School of Art and Design and the Biomedical Scholars Program support talented and dedicated students, ensuring that they have the skills need to obtain top jobs following graduation.

Baltimore City Community College: A History of Quality Urban Education

Following World War II, the Baltimore Junior College was established to help returning veterans prepare for jobs in the local economy. Since that time, it has grown into a institution serving more than 22,000 students in credit and non-credit programs. Nearly one-third of all undergraduate students in Baltimore attend the College, where students can choose from 35 degree and 31 certificate programs. The top fields are Allied Health, Nursing, Human Services, Business, and Information Technology. Affordable rates mean the BCCC is one of the most affordable options for higher education, especially for city residents. Sports offered include Men and Women’s Basketball, Men’s Baseball, and Women’s Volleyball. BCCC is located in an urban environment, with all three of its campuses close to Metro Subway lines and bus stops connecting them to the city’s transportation grid.

Anne Arundel Community College: Pioneers in the Area

Established in the early 1960s, Anne Arundel Community College serves an area with a close relationship to the sea, given that the Anne Arundel county has 437 miles of waterfront. The National Business Alliance called it “Community College of the Year” just a decade ago, and both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are high performers. The annual enrollment reaches nearly 23,000 students, about half of which are under the age of 22. Campus facilities include 194 “smart” classrooms and 77 computer labs, wireless areas on 76 percent of learning spaces, and a Center for Applied Learning and Technology that supports students in architecture and interior design, computer information systems, computer science, electronic and telecommunication engineering technologies, and engineering programs. Anne Arundel Community College, with the Pioneers as their mascot, also has one of the best four year transfer/graduation rates in the area.

Harford Community College: Preparing Students for Work

Located in a suburban setting in Bel Air, Harford Community College has been serving local residents since it was established in 1957. The 19 campus buildings take up 332 acres, and another 2 buildings off-campus add over 38,000 square feet of learning space. Over 8,500 students enroll annually, with more than three-quarters taking classes on a part-time basis and about half of the student body 21 years old or younger. Degrees are awarded in Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and Associate of Arts in Teaching. The most popular majors are Nursing Prep, General Studies, Business Administration, Nursing, Psychology, Elementary/Special Education, and Criminal Justice. One of the main aims of Harford Community College is to give students the skills for jobs in the health and related industries, and to support diversity in education.

Prince George’s Community College: Supporting a Diverse Student Body

Located in Prince George County, this College provides quality education to local residents as well as those living in the Washington, DC area. Since it was founded in 1958, it has communicated its motto of ‘You Can Do It!’ to students in attendance. Currently over 40,000 students participate in over 60 programs and benefit from an average class size of just 20 students. Programs focused on building relationships with the surrounding community include the Book Bridget Project, the Center for Business and Industry Training, and the Children’s Developmental Clinic.

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