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Two-Year Colleges in Oklahoma

Tulsa Community College: The Largest Community College in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is located close to the geographic center of the United States and lies partly in the Great Plains region. Despite being situated in the Midwest, it is considered to be part of the South, culturally. It is one of the most geographically diverse states and thus experiences a wide range of weather that includes both extreme hot and cold as well as rain and snow, which all depends on the region. It also happens to be located in Tornado Alley and has one of the highest rates of tornado activity in the world. The state is an important producer of natural gas, ranking second in the nation, and is widely considered to have an extremely favorable business climate, especially because of its relatively low tax burden. It is also a top manufacturer of tires in North America and is home to one of the fastest growing biotechnology sectors in the country. Oklahoma features a number of excellent two-year colleges as well that aim to provide their students with an affordable, high-quality education.

Tulsa Community College: The Largest Community College in Oklahoma

With an enrollment of approximately 30,000 students, it is the largest two-year community college in Oklahoma. It awards a large number of associate degrees in all disciplines, ranking in the top 3 percent among more than 1,150 community colleges nationally for the sixth consecutive year in that category. It offers a diverse campus with 25 percent of its population being made up of minority populations, including a large contingent of Native Americans. Its nursing program is especially effective, with its students boasting a high pass rate for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Veterinary technology graduates boast even higher passing rates on their credentialing examinations. The school ranks among the top 30 colleges nationally in granting education degrees. The school consists of four campuses situated throughout the Tulsa metropolitan area.

Oklahoma City Community College: Offering a Variety of Programs and Great Amenities

Located in Oklahoma City and having an enrollment of around 19,000 students, it offers a variety of programs that lead to an associates degree, certificate, transfer to university, or just increased knowledge of technical skills. Though some courses can be completed in as little as 8, 5, or 4 weeks, most classes are structured around a semester, which is 16 weeks. It offers 36 Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs, 24 Associate in Applied Science degree programs, and 18 Certificate of Mastery programs, with many of the required courses being offered online. The college boasts a new library, a Science, Engineering and Mathematics center, and an olympic-sized swimming pool. Every year it hosts the Fall Arts Festival. It prides itself on having excellent architectural design that helps create a positive environment for its students

Carl Albert State College: Small School with Small Classes But Major Offerings

With its primary campus located in the southeastern city of Poteau, it is one of the smaller community colleges in the state, featuring an enrollment of only 3,300 students annually. It boasts an excellent student-faculty ratio of around 15-1. It offers over 28 different academic degree programs, both terminal and transfer, in the categories of Business Administration, Telecommunications, Mathematics, Music, Child Development, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medicine, and Nursing. Graduates of the Nursing program may qualify to become Registered Nurses. Students can earn their degrees through a combination of on-campus coursework and interactive TV classes. The school has solid partnerships with various universities in the area. It offers many degree programs that can be completed exclusively online via extensive web offerings. The school gives its students access to seven dormitories, over 31 student-run organizations in journalism, literature, academics, culture, drama, and athletics, free high speed internet access, and free computer lab access.

Northern Oklahoma College: A Small College with an Excellent Digital Media Program

Based out of Tonkawa, and having an enrollment of only around 2,700 students, it offers 4 different types of degrees with over 50 areas of emphasis. Some Associates in Applied Science degrees that it offers make use of a Cooperative Agreement, which means that students can take the classes that the school offers and finish the degree at various other institutes. It offers the Digital Media and Animation Design Program, which covers such areas as digital film-making, 3D modeling and animation, basic graphics design, 3D texturing, motion graphics and basic web design. The school is committed to offering counseling services, enrichment for academically advanced students, and financial help to those students who need it.

Western Oklahoma State College: Small College with a Great Applied Science Program

Located in Altus and having a student body of a mere 1,500 students, it features a number of different programs of study. It offers Associate degrees in Arts, Science, and Applied Science, with over 35 areas of emphasis. Some Associates in Applied Science degree programs have state-approved employability certificates which may be awarded to students who have completed 30 semester credit hours in the degree. The school is also features involvement in a number of different intercollegiate sports programs, including basketball and football.

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