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Four-Year Universities in Kentucky

Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, The University of Louisville

A state of green rolling hills, exciting horse races, and whiskey breweries, Kentucky manages to balance the old south with the forward-thinking mentality that has led so many other states to leap into the 21st century with aplomb. Visually stunning and socially welcoming, moving to Kentucky from the north can have newcomers surprised at just how kind southerners are actually. And in Kentucky, the match between traditional southern hospitality and a special eye for taste and culture is truly impeccable. There is definitely a reason that some of the finest society events, musical evolutions, and delicious spirits have come from this state. Likewise, academic institutions in Kentucky offer a wide variety of options for those students from in-state and other parts of the country and world. Whether it’s a small-town feel with enthusiastic weekends focused on sporting events or a more tech-savvy university environment where studying takes precedence over anything else, Kentucky definitely offers up its options by the dozens.

Kentucky State University

Formerly an African-American only college, Kentucky State University has undergone a number of changes and developments since it first opened its doors in 1886. Located in Frankfort, a small city, the school still maintains a student body that is roughly 50 percent African-American. Consistently ranked as one of the best southeastern colleges in the country, the college is a popular destination for those who are seeking a smaller environment to learn from a skilled mix of adjunct faculty members and full-time professors. The university is split into three different colleges, which include the College of Professional Studies, the College of Mathematics, Sciences, Technology, and Health, and the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies. With a sprawling 500-acre campus, students have the chance to enjoy typical college life in between classes. The college is also known for its acclaimed athletics department, making it an ideal pick for those who want both academic and athletic rigor.

Morehead State University

Tucked in the foothills of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Morehead State University makes a great pick for anyone who wants to spend their weekends off-campus, enjoying a truly pristine wilderness. One of the best colleges in all of the south, Morehead State University consistently ranks at the top of college lists, especially as far as value-to-academics is concerned. The first university in the entire state to offer an online MBA program, Morehead State University has been long-regarded as a forward-thinking university that considers technology a benefit, not a hindrance. Founded in 1887, the university has expanded considerably since it opened its doors, currently boasting a 500-acre campus that takes advantage of truly remarkable natural surroundings. With 80 different degree programs to choose from, academic life at Morehead State University is intense and rewarding. The university itself is split into different small colleges, including the Caudill College of Humanities, the College of Education, the College of Business and Public Affairs, and the College of Science and Technology. Some of the most popular major choices at Morehead State University include sociology, information systems, curriculum and instruction, and agricultural and human sciences. A number of the university’s extracurricular programs focus on taking advantage of the natural surroundings, with everything from hiking to camping clubs a major part of the way that students spend their free time.

The University of Louisville

When it comes to bustling universities in Kentucky right in the center of big cities, The University of Louisville often comes to mind. Founded in 1798, it is also one of the oldest academic institutions in the entire state, and has long been known as one of the best research universities in the country as far as those located in metropolitan areas are concerned. A considerable amount of steps forward in the world of medicine and science have been made right at The University of Louisville, with crucial research done in the world of transplant surgery, gynecology, and neurology. A proud history of medical innovations is a crucial part of the school’s history, with its past boasting everything from one of the country’s first blood banks to the first attempt at offering emergency room-style services to the surrounding community. For this reason, The University of Louisville is often a destination for pre-med and medical students who want to work in a storied environment rich in a successful history. At the same time, The University of Louisville also manages to attract a number of students who are skilled on the field or court, too. With a highly successful athletic program, The University of Louisville Cardinals are one of the most winning teams in the NCAA. A number of students choose the university not just based on its academics, then, but also on its athletic program. Over 20,000 students on-campus means that making friends and getting involved in extracurricular activities is easy, and with the nightlife and art scene of Louisville nearby, too, there are plenty of ways to spend those few moments of free time in between classes.

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