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New Hampshire's Great Two-Year Colleges

Manchester Community College, Nashua Community College

As one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire has always had a central role in American history. Residents live by the state’s motto, “Live free or die,” and they seem well aware that in order to truly live free, everyone deserves access to good and affordable education options. That’s why over 25,000 residents enroll in the state’s great two-year colleges every year, and that’s why the state created the New Hampshire Transfer Connections Program. The NHTC program creates an easy path for high schoolers to receive an associates degree from of the state’s community colleges and then transfer seamlessly into one of the state’s 4-year public colleges or universities. The state also provides great scholarship opportunities to a diverse body of students because residents understand how educating their peers can help increase opportunities for the whole state. New Hampshire’s Community College System is helping students be prepared for the workforce when they graduate with their associate degrees and helping prepare students to go on to bachelor degree granting programs at other fine institutions across the country.

Manchester Community College

Located in New Hampshire’s biggest city, Manchester, Manchester Community College enables students to take advantage of all of the great opportunities the city has to offer. The city is repeatedly ranked as one of the cheapest places to live in America and as one of the best places to start a business, which really demonstrates why Manchester is a great community for community college students to gain their degree in. MCC places a lot of effort on building strong ties between the college and it’s community and does it’s best to make sure the college is playing an active role in contributing to positive social changes in Manchester. 3,000 students study in over 40 different fields every year on this 57-acre campus that is located near the beautiful Merrimack River. Recently, a 50,000 square foot building was constructed as the new home of the allied health and language resources programs, and the school has a state of the art automotive training center as well. Some of the schools unique programs include heat ventilation and air conditioning, real estate and English as a second language. MCC has recently started providing classes online as well so students can take individual courses in many departments, and within the accounting, liberal arts, and management fields students can earn their entire degree online.

Nashua Community College

With 1,200 part-time students and 850 full-time students, Nashua Community College is a commuter campus, but the college holds several on-campus events that help build community among the students, faculty and staff. Annually, the highest number of NCC graduates earn their degrees in the fields of nursing, business management, and massage therapy, but the school offers students plenty of choices with 33 associate degree programs and 21 certificate programs. NCC also has many unique programs as well including aviation technology, collision repair, holistic massage therapy, and peace and social justice studies, and with most classes averaging only 22 students, students can expect to have plenty of time to interact with their professors. NCC attempts to make it possible for everyone to continue their education by offering online classes, weekday classes, weeknight classes, and weekend classes so everyone can find something that fits their schedule. A new 40,000 square foot Wellness center helps students and faculty work-out, stay in shape and practice athletics in their free time. Located in Nashua, NCC lies within New Hampshire’s second largest city, and it sits in the southern part of the state near many other metropolitan areas in neighboring states. The college maintains strong relationships within Nashua, and for the past five years, NCC has earned a spot on the Presidents Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, which recognizes and celebrates the commitment that NCC has made to service learning, civic engagement and volunteering.

New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI) – Concord’s Community College

With around 3,000 full-time and 2,000 part-time students, NHTI is one of the largest associate-degree granting institutions in the state and offers students their choice of more than 60 different programs. Some of NHTI’s more interesting fields of study include sports management, tourism information technology, autism early intervention specialist, community social service, addiction counseling, and animation and graphic game programming. Through the college’s Business and Industry training center, NHTI develops opportunities for students with local businesses. Class sizes average 24 students, though some may be as small as 15. One of the most unique aspects of NHTI is that around 25% of students live on campus, which is fairly unusual for a 2-year college, which tend to be populated by commuter students. The student body includes students from more than 50 other countries, so students can get involved in NHTI’s TSOL tutoring, cross cultural training and facilitation, ESOL/international student advising, and study abroad programs. NHTI has a large athletic department so students can participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, bowling, cross country running, baseball, softball, or dance team competitions that take place in the Yankee Small College Conference (YSCC) and the United States College Athletic Association (USCAA).

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