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Four-Year Universities in New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire, The University of New Hampshire at Manchester

Those students in search of large and bustling on-campus communities often flock to New Hampshire, where large four-year universities offer the best combination of a thriving social life and a rigorous academic experience. Whether students wish to be just steps from the mountains or the seashore, New Hampshire provides that ideal location for learning and recreating in free time. With large four-year universities around the state, it’s possible to find the proper educational program in a more secluded town, or right in the center of one of the state’s largest cities. When it comes to a true standard of learning and the best facilities available, savvy students choose New Hampshire’s large four-year universities time and time again.

The University of New Hampshire

When students picture that typical large and historic campus with a bustling student population, it’s practically The University of New Hampshire that is appearing in their dreams. With a main campus in the quiet town of Durham and an addition campuses located in nearby Manchester, The University of New Hampshire is definitely the largest academic institution in the entire state. It consistently ranks at the top of lists of Fullbright fellowships, boasting a truly exemplary graduate program determined to excel and make a way in competitive academic fields. For undergraduate students, who make up a majority of the university’s over 12,000 attendees, having access to such incredible professors means sowing the seeds for success even during general education requirements freshmen year. Additionally, the university focuses on more than just its academic excellence and reputation for excelling in numerous fields. The University of New Hampshire has made an effort to go green, receiving one of the 15 highest scores during the most recent College Sustainability Report Card evaluations. For anyone who cares about the planet and the future, it makes sense to choose the university that is on the same page, concerns-wise. The university itself is broken down into six different colleges, which include the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture. A number of students flock to The University of New Hampshire because of the Whittemore School of Business and Economics, which consistently ranks highly. The College of Health and Services is also popular. A number of students choose The University of New Hampshire due to its research facilities, which include the InterOperability Laboratory, which provides an incredible environment for computer engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering students who are interested in developing technology to change the world today and tomorrow.

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester

Technically a part of the larger University of New Hampshire system, The University of New Hampshire at Manchester deserves mention in its own right for being one of the largest academic institutions for students seeking a university experience in the state. Established in 1985, UNH Manchester provides the chance for students interested in pursuing various different degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s. A number of students who choose to attend UNH Manchester do so because of their interest in the various programs that the university offers with a focus on solving urban issues. Whether it has to do with city planning or artistic resources, these various different courses of study provide a rare opportunity to truly engage with the community with a purpose of doing something right and admirable. A number of students who attend UNH Manchester also take advantage of the school’s partnership with a sister school in Florence, Italy, providing a truly remarkable study abroad opportunity, especially popular when those cold New Hampshire winters start to kick in. With the central location offering a 30-minute drive to anywhere in the rest of the state, UNH Manchester does not offer on-campus housing like the larger UNH campus. However, the university does boast the same high-standard facilities, including a truly breathtaking renovated warehouse space that now serves as the school’s University Center. With 18 different majors and 13 minors, most students attending UNH Manchester choose to focus their studies on Humanities, Biological Sciences, Communication Arts, and Psychology.

Dartmouth College

More than just its similarly-named liberal arts college, Dartmouth College is actually a full-scale university, which also features 19 different graduate programs, the Thayer School of Engineering, and the Tuck School of Business. One of less than 10 colleges in the whole country that was founded before the American Revolution, Dartmouth College definitely sees its roots strongly planted in an old-world tradition of excellence. Known as one of the oldest Ivy League colleges, Dartmouth provides the kind of learning experience necessary for those who feel the need to excel in the upper echelons of society these days. With a vigorous admissions process, students not just from all over the country, but from all over the world come to Dartmouth to get the kind of academic education necessary to truly succeed. Established in 1769, the college’s campus remains tucked in the peaceful Upper Valley region of the state, providing an environment without distractions for those who need to focus all of their attention on academic success. A number of different sports teams on campus manage to excel on the field, much in the same way that the same students who are out there winning matches are also succeeding in the classroom. With 39 different academic departments, students can choose from over 50 different majors, while designing a major or tweaking requirements to create a new course of study is also encouraged on-campus. Students are also able to customize their various academic terms to fit their own schedules, meaning that it is possible to choose classes during times in the year when others might not be attending classes.

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