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Missouri Scholarships and Financial Aid

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Money doesn’t grow on trees, which means it’ll take some effort on your part to find funding for college. Students in Missouri have access to a wide range of scholarships and financial aid. Missouri scholarships are provided by the state, universities and colleges, and private funders. Missouri students are also eligible for Missouri state financial aid and federal student aid.

Different Missouri Financial Aid and Scholarships for Different Students

  • Federal and state grants for students with financial need
  • Scholarships offered by the State of Missouri
  • University-specific scholarships for Missouri students
  • Outside scholarships available for Missouri students
  • Federal and state loans for students who still have unmet need

Where to Find Federal and State Grants for Missouri students

Colleges and universities in the state of Missouri support federal financial aid programs. Federal grant programs are based on need and your interests. To qualify for them, you must submit a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information on each grant, please see the stateuniversity.com Guide to Federal Grants. The Missouri FAFSA deadline is usually April 1st by midnight Central Daylight Time. Be sure to check with your school’s financial aid office to ensure you meet your university or college’s priority FAFSA deadline.

These Missouri state grants are available to Missouri students:

The Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program was designed to give Missouri students with financial need the opportunity to attend schools of their preference. To qualify for this program you must be a Missouri resident with an EFC of at least $12,000. The financial aid office at your school will determine how much money you need.

The Public Service Officer or Employee’s Child Survivor Grant Program is offered to students of deceased or permanently immobilized officers or employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation. There is a limit of 23 years of age. You can download the application here.

The Vietnam Veteran Survivor Grant Program is offered to students of Vietnam vets who died as a result of deadly chemicals throughout the Vietnam War. You can download the application here.

Merit- and need-based scholarships offered by the state of Missouri

To qualify for Missouri state scholarships, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a green card and a Missouri resident. Here’s a list of available Missouri scholarships:

Bright Flight Scholarship Program
This Missouri state merit scholarship program was intended to support entering freshmen students who are at the top of their classes. Students who are entering college the year after they graduate from high school qualify.

Marguerite Ross Barnett Memorial Scholarship
Eighteen-year-old students who work part-time (minimum of 20 hours a week) qualify for this grant. You must be a Missouri resident, submit a FAFSA application, and be no less than a half-time student, but not a full-time student.

Missouri Teaching Fellows Program
This program will be available starting 2013 for students who are in the top 10% of their class and are entering teaching certification programs. The program provides a $5,000 stipend or loan repayment for the first four years of employment.

Health Professional Repayment Program
The Department of Health and Senior services developed this program to help health students pay back loans. Students are required to work for a minimum of two years in an area of Missouri that needs health care. The deadline is June 30.

Scholarships Offered By Individual Missouri Universities and Colleges

Each post-secondary institute in Missouri offers their own scholarships to students attending their school. Missouri university scholarships depend on involvement or community service and academic achievement and/or need.

Involvement or community service scholarships, such as the Truman Leadership Award at Truman State University, are available to students who are involved in their community through volunteering and leadership.

Most Missouri merit-based scholarships offered from universities or colleges are administered through the admissions office. At almost all Missouri schools, for example the University of Central Missouri, you are automatically considered for merit scholarships once you turn in your application for admission to your institution.

For need-based scholarships, Missouri universities require you to submit a FAFSA application. In addition, some universities, like the University of Missouri, St. Louis, also require a separate scholarship application. Check with your university or college to see if you have to submit an additional application.

There are also competitive and program- or department-supported Missouri university scholarships. The University of Missouri, Kansas City, for example, offers both kinds of scholarships to Missouri students. Check with your schools’ financial aid office for these available Missouri university scholarships. These scholarships will most likely require individual applications.

Other Missouri Scholarships

Of course, if you would like to pursue outside scholarships, state departments and organizations also offer scholarships to Missouri students. Here’s a list of some of them:

Environmental Education Scholarship Program
The EESP scholarship from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources was created to provide opportunities for underrepresented students to study environmental science. There is a 3.0 GPA requirement for high school seniors and a 2.5 GPA requirement for college students. The deadline for the application package is June 1 of each year.

Minority Teaching Scholarship
This scholarship from the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education is available to minority students who are in accredited teacher education programs. Students who are awarded receive $3,000 a year for four years. The deadline is February 15th.

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship
This Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education scholarship is available to entering freshmen students who score in the top 10% of the ACT. The deadline is April 15th.

Urban Flight and Rural Needs Scholarship
The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education provides this scholarship to students who are committed to teaching. Students receive tuition and fee payments renewable up to four years. The deadline is April 15th.

Soil and Water Conservation Society
SWCS provides two SWCS Show-Me Chapter Scholarships and five Conservation Foundation of Missouri Natural Resources Scholarships for Missouri residents. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $2,000. The deadline for the SWCS Show-Me Chapter Scholarships is in late November, and the deadline for the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Natural Resources Scholarships is usually December 31.

Loan Programs Available to Missouri Students

Missouri financial aid includes loan programs. As of now, Missouri only provides Health Professional Loans to students who are studying to be health professionals in Missouri. However, Missouri universities and colleges support federal loan programs. For more information on federal loans, see the stateuniversity.com Guide to Student Loans. If you are taking out loans through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFLP), you can choose your own lender. Your school’s financial aid office should have a list of approved private lenders to choose from. The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) also has a list of approved lenders. MDHE is the state-selected guarantor for federal loans borrowed in Missouri.

Three Things to Keep in Mind about Missouri Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • The Missouri state FAFSA deadline is April 1, but your school may have a different deadline. Check with your school to make sure you don’t miss the deadline.
  • Almost all Missouri state scholarships require you to be a Missouri resident. To establish residency, you must have lived in Missouri for 12 successive months and prove that you plan to stay for a long period of time.
  • Some Missouri university scholarships are offered to students through the admissions office, so you don’t have to do anything. However, there are other university scholarships administered by your school’s financial aid office that need a separate application. Check with your financial aid office to see which scholarships need a separate application.

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