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Alabama Scholarships and Financial Aid

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Whether you have a little money, a lot of money, or no money at all put away, it’s always nice to have “free” money so you can focus on your studying instead of working full time while you go to school. Alabama financial aid comes in the form of federal grants, state grants and loans. Alabama scholarships are offered through universities and colleges, organizations, and the state of Alabama.

Aid Available for All Alabama Students

Alabama students come from all walks of life. You may qualify for just one type of aid, or you may qualify for all types of aid. Here’s a list of the different types of aid offered to Alabama students:

  • Alabama state scholarships and grants
  • Alabama university and college scholarships
  • Outside scholarships for Alabama students
  • Federal grants for Alabama students with financial need
  • Alabama federal and state loans

Alabama Offers Scholarships and Grants to Its Students

A large amount of Alabama scholarships and grants come from the state of Alabama. These programs offer money to students with different backgrounds and different educational goals. Here’s a list of them:

Alabama Student Grant Program
This grant offers students from specific universities and colleges $1,200 or more a year. Students do not need to have financial need. To see if your school qualifies, click here. See your financial aid office for an application and deadline.

Alabama Student Assistance
Undergraduate students who are attending a participating state institution may receive between $300 and $2,500 a year. Students must file a FAFSA to be eligible.

Two-Year College Academic scholarship Program
This merit-based scholarship is available to students attending a two-year college. The scholarship may cover tuition and books for school. See your financial aid office for an application.

Junior and Community College Athletic Scholarship Program
This Alabama scholarship covers tuition for full-time students attending Alabama 2-year colleges. Students must show athletic ability through competition and auditions to receive this scholarship. For more information, contact your school’s financial aid office.

Junior and Community College Performing Arts Scholarship Program
Students who demonstrate ability in performing arts are eligible to receive this scholarship, which covers tuition at an Alabama junior or community college. Contact your school’s financial aid office for more information.

Alabama GI Dependents’ Educational Benefit Program
This scholarship covers school fees, tuition, and books for spouses or children of Alabama veterans who are partly disabled. To apply, ask for an application from the Alabama State Department of Veterans Affairs. Their address is P.O. Box 1509, Montgomery, AL36102.

Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program
Members of the Alabama National Guard are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, which gives $500 a semester or $1,000 a year for tuition and other educational fees. To apply, obtain an application from any Alabama National Guard office.

American Legion Scholarship
This scholarship is offered to students who are children or grandchildren of American veterans (World War I & II, Vietnam War, and Korean War) to pay for college. Request an application from Department of Adjutant, The American Legion. Their address is P.O. Box 1069, Montgomery, AL, 36192. The application is due on May 1st.

American Legion Auxiliary Program
Children and grandchildren of veterans of World War I and II, Korean War, or Vietnam War are eligible to apply for this Alabama scholarship. It offers an award to cover tuition and board. Ask for an application from the American Legion Department Headquarters, American Legion Auxiliary. Their address is 120 North Jackson Street, Montgomery, AL 36104. The deadline for this scholarship is April 1st.

Police Officer’s and Firefighter’s Survivor’s Educational Assistance Program
Children or spouses of Alabama officers and firefights killed in action are eligible to receive this Alabama scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition and other post-secondary educational costs. For an application, contact the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, P.O. Box 302000, Montgomery, AL 36130.

Senior Adult Scholarship Program
This scholarship is available to pay tuition for seniors to attend a two-year college in Alabama. To learn more about this opportunity, contact your school’s financial aid office.

Technology Scholarship Program for Alabama Teachers
This scholarship is offered to full-time Alabama teachers who are taking technology classes at accredited post-secondary institutions in Alabama. The scholarship covers tuition and books. For an application, write to TSPAT, Alabama Commission on Higher Education at P.O. Box 302000, Montgomery, AL 36130 or call 334-242-2273.

Alabama Scholarships Offered by Your University or College

Each college or university in Alabama has a set of scholarships they offer to incoming and current students. Scholarships are based on merit, need, involvement/service, athletic ability, military promise, or field of study. For instance, among the Alabama State University scholarships are Presidential Scholarships for freshmen students who have a 3.76 GPA or higher. At the University of North Alabama, a variety of Service Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate leadership. The University of South Alabama, like many universities in Alabama, offers ROTC Scholarships for students with military promise who have high academic achievement. These scholarships cover full tuition while you are in school and are available from each branch of the military. The University of South Alabama offers the ACM Scholarship to students in their Computer and Information Sciences curriculum. These are just a few examples of what your school may offer. Check with your school’s financial aid and scholarship office to see what scholarships are available for you.

Alabama merit scholarships are usually administered by the admissions office. You will be awarded depending on your GPA and other achievements. You don’t have to do anything. However, Alabama university and college scholarships given on other bases (i.e. community service or field of study) may require you to get the application from the financial aid office or a department office. They may also require you to complete a FAFSA.

More Alabama Scholarships: Outside Scholarships Available for Alabama Students

After universities and colleges, the next best place to look for scholarships is organizations, associations, and other groups in Alabama. Here’s a list of some outside scholarships available to Alabama students:

Alabama Association of Volunteer Fire Departments (AAVFD) Scholarships Program
The AAVFD Scholarships are available to children or spouses of AAVFD firefighters. The deadline is usually March 31st.

Nursing Scholarships
The Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) offers 15 scholarships in the amount of $3,800 for post-baccalaureate education in nursing. Applications must be submitted by July 31st.

Les Hilliard Scholarship Program
Les Hilliard was an employee of the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the first Alabama employee to join the National Organization of Professional Black Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees. This scholarship is available for a student who is attending one of Alabama’s Historically Black Colleges and majoring in natural resources or a similar program.

Horatio Alger Alabama Scholarship
Three $5,000 scholarships are available to Alabama residents who wish to be admitted into a post-secondary school and attain a baccalaureate. Students must be high school seniors intending to enroll in an accredited post-secondary institute and must have financial need.

The J.L. Bedsole Scholars Program
The J.L. Bedsole Foundation provides scholarships to students who demonstrate commitment to leadership and community service. Students must have financial need. To apply, check the website at the beginning of October.

Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA) Scholarship Program
The AMEA provides thirty-two $2,500 scholarships and technical scholarships per year. To qualify, your family must be receiving electric service from a member of the AMEA. You can get an application from your school counselor. Applications are due in February on the earliest Monday.

Federal Financial Aid for Alabama Students

Alabama financial aid includes federal grants. Federal grants are offered to students depending on income and field of study. To be considered, you must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The national deadline for filing the FAFSA is June 30th of the year in which you plan to use the grants. However, federal grants are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so you should apply as soon as the FAFSA is open. The FAFSA application opens January 1 every year. Some states also have their own state FAFSA deadlines, but Alabama doesn’t have one, so check with your school to make sure you meet your school’s FAFSA deadline. For more information on federal grants, see the stateuniversity.com Guide to Federal Grants.

Loans for Alabama Students with Unmet Need

If you still don’t have enough money, your next option is to take out loans. Alabama universities and colleges offer federal loans. These loans are available to students and to parents who want to borrow money for their students. For more information on federal loans, please see the stateuniversity.com Guide to Student Loans.

For alternative or private loans, your school should have a list of approved lenders. Here’s a list of a few possible lenders:

Discover Student Loans
Students can take out federal loans with low interest rates or private loans that do not have to be paid back while you are in school and enrolled at least half-time.

Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae is the nation’s largest lender of student loans. They offer federal loans, private loans, and international loans.

Alabama College Loan Program
This program offers federal loans to resident and non-resident Alabama students.

Three Things to Keep In Mind about Alabama Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • Many Alabama state scholarships and grants require you to request an application from a state department or organization office. Only filing a FAFSA will not cover these scholarships.
  • Because Alabama doesn’t have a state FAFSA deadline, learn your school’s priority deadline to make sure you submit your application on time.
  • Remember that Alabama has several scholarships available for children and grandchildren of veterans. Check to see if one of your grandparents is a veteran.

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