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Scholarships for Christian Colleges & Universities

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

You’ve selected the Christian college of your choice. Now, you’re wondering how to pay for your college education. Like other colleges and universities, there are plenty of financial aid options. Some Christian colleges and universities offer federal financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and work-study programs. In addition, Christian universities and colleges also offer a wide variety of scholarships.

Scholarships are free money that does not have to be paid. Most Christian scholarships are based on a number of factors including financial need, academic achievements, community and church involvement, leadership qualities, personal character, and sometimes religious denomination. Many Christian university scholarships can be used for paying tuition, purchasing books, paying for living expenses, and other college costs.

Most Common Christian Scholarships

Like most colleges and universities, some Christian institutions offer athletic scholarships for students with special athletic abilities. These are typically awarded to students based on recommendation and talent. Academic scholarships are also offered for highly competitive academically-driven students who demonstrate an excellent cumulative grade point average and academic success. Academic scholarships are awarded based on merit.

It doesn’t stop there. Many Christian colleges and universities also offer institutional scholarships for students attending their school. These scholarships can range from subject-specific, merit-based, to Christian-based.
Here are some examples of Christian-based university/institutional scholarships:

Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one of the nation’s largest Christian colleges. Calvin College offers several merit scholarships including a National Merit Scholarship of $10,000 per year for four years; and, a Trustee Scholarship for $10,000 per year which is renewable for up to four years. Another one of the nation’s largest Christian Universities is Abilene Christian University (ACU). Some scholarships offered at ACU include: iSchool Scholarship which awards undergraduate students pursuing computer science or computer technology careers $2,000 per year or full tuition. ACU also offers a Valedictorian or Salutatorian Scholarship for undergraduate students who ranked #1 or #2 in their high school class. Award amount is $1,000. Students are required to submit an official transcript with class ranking. This is a one-year award.

Ranked as one of the nation’s best colleges, Belmont University offers many merit-based scholarships. A couple examples include:Turner Scholarship. which awards $7,500 to students from rural high schools with an excellent academic record who demonstrate financial assistance; and, Ingram Diversity Leadership Scholarships which award students from diverse backgrounds in and around the Nashville area full-tuition scholarships. Students must posses leadership skills and show proof of excellent academic records.

Anderson University, in Indiana, and Crown College in Minnesota, each offer Matching Church Scholarships. At Anderson University, the school will match up to $1,500 if the student receives funding from their home church. For information about this scholarship, contact Director of Church Relations, George Nalywaiko at 1-800-421-1025. Crown College will also match the student’s home church up to $500 per semester for undergraduate students attending classes during the daytime only.

Another common scholarship among Christian universities and colleges is the Christian Leadership Scholarship. At Crown College, this scholarship is awarded to freshmen at a minimum amount of $1,000. The maximum award is full-tuition per year for four years.

At the University of Cumberlands, the Christian Leadership Scholarship is awarded in the amount of up to $1,000 to students who show leadership qualities within their church or other religious organization. It is renewable for up to four years.

Central Christian College also offers a Christian Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship awards $4,500 to a Christian high school student or home schooled student with a strong Christian character, excellent leadership skills, and an outstanding academic background. It is renewable for up to four years. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation to be considered.

Students can also check with Christian-related organizations who provide a variety of Christian scholarships. Below are some examples of these scholarships:

National Ministries offers tuition scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students active in the American Baptist Church. Students are required to be members for at least one year before applying. Award amounts vary. This is a renewable scholarship. Graduate students seeking doctoral degrees can apply for a grant for up to $3,000. Female graduate students can also apply for the Ellen Cushing Scholarship. This scholarship awards $2,000 to a female graduate student preparing for a career in human service or a church-related vocation.

There are also scholarships for persons and their family members of missionaries. The Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) is one organization which provides financial assistance to North American and international missionaries. Scholarships offered by WMU are for women in missionaries, or for their children. Most awards go as high as $1,000.

Tips to Finding Christian Scholarships

  • If you are planning to attend a Christian university or college, start with their financial aid office. They can provide a list of all scholarships available to their students.
  • For institutional scholarships, double check if a Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) is needed to apply for any scholarships. If so, be prepared when filling out the FAFSA. Make sure you have all pertinent information in front of you before getting started.
  • Check with religious organizations and your church to see if they offer any scholarships.

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