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Scholarships for History Majors

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Did you know history is one of the most popular majors selected by college students? That explains why history majors have many financial aid options for paying for their college education. Whether it is general scholarships based on merit and/or financial need, departmental scholarships, or outside scholarships, free money is available to history majors.

General scholarships are typically offered through the college or university financial aid office. Scholarships dedicated to history majors are usually offered by the history department. In this case, history students should speak with departmental staff for scholarship availability. Other scholarship options can be found using the Internet. Many organizations, foundations, and honor societies offer subject- and career-specific scholarships for students enrolled in college.

Types of Scholarships for History Majors

Most colleges and universities offer history scholarships. History majors can choose college scholarships typically offered through the history department, general scholarships through the financial aid office, or outside scholarships administered by organizations, honor societies, and foundations.

Here are some examples:

College Scholarships

The University of Michigan—Flint offers several history scholarships, including three private scholarships.

  • Kenneth B. West Scholarship—awarded to history majors in their junior or senior year. Award money is directly deposited into recipient’s tuition account. Amounts vary.

  • Richard Gilder American History Scholarship—awarded to history majors who’ve completed 60 credit hours. Award money is deposited into recipient’s tuition account. Amounts vary.

  • Colonel T.B.W. Stockton Scholarship—awarded to history majors with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 plus 50 credit hours. Students must be enrolled in the Master of Liberal Studies in American Culture, and demonstrate financial need to be considered. Award amount varies.

At Missouri State University history majors can inquire about several scholarship opportunities.
Some include these awards:

  • Duane G. Meyer Endowed History Scholarship—preference is given to graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in history. Undergraduate students must be in their junior or senior year to apply. Applicants must show interest in museum administration. Award amount is $800.

  • Wayne C. Bartel Scholarship—is a need-based scholarship awarded to undergraduate history majors with an emphasis in non-U.S. history. Award amount is $325.

  • Mabel Friend Study Club Scholarship—is a need-based scholarship awarded to undergraduate history majors. Award amount is $1,400.

Wartburg College in Iowa offers a number of scholarships for history majors. Some scholarships include:

  • Ottersberg Scholar in History—this is a merit-based scholarship awarded to first-year students studying history. Award amount varies.
  • Dr. G. Rudolph & Beryl Bjorgan Memorial Scholarship—awarded to full-time students with financial need. Preference is given to junior and senior level students. Award amount varies.
  • Gerhard Ottersberg History Scholarship—awarded to history majors with outstanding academic achievements. Award amount varies.
  • Norheim History Scholarship—awarded to students with excellent academic standing, majoring in history.

Outside Scholarships for History Majors

A great way to supplement history majors’ financial aid package is to seek outside scholarships.

Here are some examples:
Phi Alpha Theta, an honor society for history majors, offers a number of history scholarships. Graydon A. Tunstall, Jr. Scholarship—is awarded to undergraduate senior students studying Modern European History (from 1815 to present). Award amount is $1,000. First-time graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in history can apply for three scholarships: A.F. Zimmerman Scholarship which awards $1,250; Thomas S. Morgan Memorial Scholarship which awards $850; and, William E. Parrish Scholarship which awards $850.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) offers several history scholarships to qualifying students, based on financial need and academic standing. The J.E. Caldwell Centennial Scholarship is awarded to history majors applying for graduate school to pursue a career in historic preservation. Award amount is $2,000. The Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship awards $1,000 to a junior or senior majoring in one of several fields, including history.

The National World War II Museum administers the E. Pluribus Unum Essay Contest which awards cash prizes in the amounts of $1,000; $750; and, $500. This essay contest is for high school students. The first 500 valid essay entries are accepted.

Scholarships Tips for History Majors

  • Check the history department and speak with staff about scholarship opportunities.
  • Seek outside scholarships for additional ‘free money.’ Be sure to start early and note the deadline for application.
  • Don’t rule out general scholarship opportunities. History majors may also qualify for merit- and need-based scholarships awarded by the university or college through their financial aid office.

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