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Scholarships for Geology Students

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Looking to major in geology and not sure how to pay for your college education? Most universities and colleges offer financial assistance to its students, and geology students are no different. In fact, there are a variety of geology scholarships available. It is just a matter of knowing where to look.

First, start with the campus financial aid office. This is where geology students can find general scholarships and other financial aid opportunities. Next, speak to department staff within the geology department. Most departments offer subject-specific awards to students enrolled in their department. And finally, seek outside scholarships. Students can do so by using the Internet. Many associations, organizations, and foundations offer geology scholarships to students enrolled in accredited programs.

Where to Find Free Money for Geology Students

All students yearn for free money. Why not get free money through scholarships? Geology students have many opportunities to find awards that suit their needs and their career interests.

Many colleges and universities that have geology departments also offer departmental scholarships. In addition, these institutions also offer general scholarships through their financial aid office.

And, if that doesn’t help, geology students can seek outside scholarships using the Internet. There are a number of associations, foundations, and organizations that offer scholarships specific to geology majors.

College Scholarships

At Lake Superior State University geology students have several options for scholarships. Award amounts for these scholarships differ, depending on funding availability.

  • C. Ernest Kemp Endowed Scholarship—this is a merit-based scholarship awarded to a high school senior who is admitted to the university’s geology program.
  • Leonard Payne Geology Scholarship—this scholarship is awarded to geology majors with a minimum grade point average of 3.2. Preference is given to single male students who are 30 years of age or older.

Eastern Washington University in Washington, offers four geology scholarships through the Department of Geology. The Weissenborn Geology Scholarship is awarded to senior level students majoring in geology. The Rock Rollers Geology Scholarship awards selected Inland Empire residents to help pay for the spring field camp, or to use towards tuition. The Rennebohm Geology Scholarship and the Felix E. Mutschler Memorial Scholarship are awarded to lower classmen majoring in geology.

The University of Southern Indiana has several geology scholarships for qualifying students:

  • Walter F. Sill Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Geology awards $1,500 to full-time geology students in their junior year.
  • Evansville Lapidary Society Scholarship awards $200 to an incoming student planning to major or minor in geology with a good academic record, or a student pursuing a career in secondary education with an emphasis in Earth and Space Science.
  • Walter F. Sill Memorial Scholarship for Academic Merit in Geology—this is a merit scholarship awarded to a student with the interest and desire to major in geology. Amount awarded is $1,000.

Other Scholarships

Some associations also offer geology scholarships to qualifying students. The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association offers several awards to geology students. The Samuel C. Kraus, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding geology or mining engineer student with a career interest in the crushed stone industry. Students must be enrolled at Missouri State University to qualify.

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers awards three scholarship for students enrolled in school in the states of California, Hawaii, or Nevada. Applicants must be high school seniors or college students pursuing a major in geology at an accredited four-year institution. Award amount is $500 each.

The Indiana Oil and Gas Association (INOGA) awards one scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to an incoming student planning to major in geology, or a currently enrolled student switching to a geology major. Students must be enrolled at the University of Southern Indiana to apply. Preference is given to students with career interest in Indiana’s gas and oil industry.

Tips about Geology Scholarships

  • Do your homework. Inquire about scholarship opportunities at the college or university you are attending. Both the financial aid office and the geology department offer awards.
  • Use the Internet to seek other scholarships. Some associations who encourage students to pursue careers in geology offer scholarships to help pay for college expenses.
  • Start early. No matter where you are inquiring and/or researching, be sure to start early and note scholarship deadlines.

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