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Scholarships in Sports Science and Kinesiology

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Sports science is a multi-disciplinary area of study in which students learn about human performance and ways to enhance performance for competition. Sports science is similar to kinesiology—the study of physical movements and activities—because both deal with human movement studies.

Sports science majors prepare for careers in which they work with athletes providing valuable training, injury prevention, nutrition, and technique analysis to help athletes perform better at competitions. Kinesiology majors, on the other hand, generally become instructors, such as physical education teachers, where they use their knowledge to enhance physical performance for everyone.

Whether it is a sports science major or kinesiology major, a solid education is important for a successful career path. A good education requires paying for it. Therefore, many colleges and universities with sports science and kinesiology programs offer scholarships and other financial support to help defray the cost of higher education.

Where to Find Scholarships for Sports Science and Kinesiology Majors

Scholarships are the perfect award for any student because it is ‘free money’ that does not have to be repaid. Colleges and universities which offer academic programs for sports science and kinesiology majors also offer scholarships to help pay for college expenses. Here are some examples:

Sports Science Scholarships

The United State Sports Academy in Alabama, offers undergraduate and graduate scholarships for qualifying sports science majors.

  • Myles Brand Scholarship—this scholarship pays for tuition only. Recipients must be enrolled in sports management master’s degree program. Three letters of recommendation and a personal statement are required for consideration. Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 from undergraduate studies to apply.
  • Academy Wounded Warrior Scholarship—this special award is dedicated to veterans who served in active duty and have obtained honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, or Air Force, due to a being wounded, or physical disability after September 11, 2001. This scholarship pays for full tuition to a student enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program at the Academy.

At Ohio University sports science scholarships are offered through the School of Recreation and Sports Science. Here are just a few:

  • Richard Wells Antle Memorial Scholarship—this scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the School of Recreation and Sports Science who demonstrate financial need, academic achievement, leadership abilities, and good character.
  • Naomi Richey Parsons Scholarship—awarded to a female student majoring in sports science, recreation studies, or physical education. Applicants must demonstrate an outstanding academic record and financial need to be considered.

Kinesiology Scholarships

Michigan State University offers several kinesiology scholarships through the Department of Kinesiology. The Mack Scholarship—is offered to undergraduate students majoring in kinesiology, earning a teaching certificate in physical education. This scholarship is awarded based on financial need, and academic achievements. Amount awarded for this scholarship varies each year. Other awards offered include the Outstanding Senior Award, the Community Service Award, and the KIN Research Fellowship for graduate students.

Texas A & M University offers scholarships for kinesiology majors through the Department of Health & Kinesiology. The Tom & Joan Reed Endowed for Health & Kinesiology awards $1,500, which is distributed over two semesters at $750 each. Recipients must demonstrate financial need and pursing a major in kinesiology, health, or sports management. Three letters of recommendation are also required for consideration.

Texas Woman’s University offers several scholarships through the Kinesiology Department. The Darlene A. Kluka Scholarshipand the Margaret Varner Bloss Scholarship are awarded to full-time students majoring in kinesiology with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Amount awarded varies each year for these scholarships. The Margot Purdy Scholarship is awarded to full-time students majoring in kinesiology and demonstrating financial need. Amounts awarded vary each year.

Scholarships Tips for Sports Science and Kinesiology Students

  • Know your major! Some colleges and universities offer kinesiology scholarships, while other institutions offer sports science scholarships, depending on the academic programs being offered.
  • Start early. Students who know their major and start early have a better chance of finding and earning scholarship opportunities.
  • Apply online. If scholarship applications are available online and can be submitted online, considering doing so for quick entry.
  • Know your deadlines. Be sure to note all scholarship requirements and their deadlines to ensure materials are submitted on time.

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