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Scholarships in Linguistics Studies

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

If the study of languages and how languages are applied within cultures is of interest to you, then majoring in linguistics may be the career path for you. Seeking financial support to reach your career goals is a great way to lessen the burden of unwanted student loans. Scholarships are a great alternative to student loans because they don’t have to be repaid. And fortunately, most linguistics scholarships are found on campus.

Colleges that Offer Linguistics Scholarships

Linguistics students can find financial support on campus. Starting with the financial aid office, students can find general scholarships. Furthermore, students can check with the linguistics department for scholarships specific to their major area of study. Here are examples of such scholarships:

Indiana State University in Terre Haute offers several linguistics scholarships through its Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.

  • The David C. and Margaret L. Campbell Endowed Scholarship for The Liberal Arts is offered to a variety of majors within a liberal arts program, including Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. Applicants must be a junior or senior planning to attend graduate school, and be a resident of Indiana.
  • Alva E. Davis Award is given to a graduate student finishing up their degree in Linguistics/TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).
  • Outstanding First-Year Graduate Student in LLL is awarded to a first-year graduate student who displays outstanding academic performance. Faculty from the LLL department select the recipient of this award.

The University of Utah offers some scholarships to qualifying students within the Department of Linguistics. The Linguistics Department Scholarship is awarded to a full-time linguistics major who is a resident of Utah. This scholarship provides full tuition, which does not include fees. The Linguistics Department Alumni Endowed Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student enrolled in the department pursuing a degree program. Award amount is $500. The Cathy Miller Horiuchi Scholarship is dedicated to a graduate student within the linguistics department. Recipient receives a stipend up to $2,250 which covers tuition for one semester of graduate school.

At the University of Kentucky linguistics students within the College of Arts and Sciences can apply for the Undergraduate Linguistics Research Award. This is a competition in which one $500 award, or two $250 awards are given to undergraduate students to facilitate their research project. Other scholarships offered to students within the College of Arts and Sciences include: Arts and Sciences Dean’s Scholarship which awards $1,000; Madie Lee Walker Scholarship which offers $2,000; Andrew Jackson Gardner Scholarship which awards $1,500; Myrtle M. and Orvan R. Whitlow Scholarship which offers $2,500; and, David and Lauri Ferry Scholarship which awards $750.

Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri offers several foundation scholarships to students enrolled in the English & Linguistics department. Amounts awarded for these scholarships vary, based on funding. The awards include: Hearst Communication—awarded to an outstanding academic performer; C.V. Huenemann—awarded to a graduate or an undergraduate student majoring in language and literature who demonstrates financial need; and, H. Chandler Monroe Memorial—awarded to a language and literature major that is an upperclassman. Preference is given to students interested in teaching.

Oklahoma State University offers the TESL/Linguistics Scholarship through its English department for graduate students. This is an essay competition in which applicants must write about TESL, or linguistics. Best essay is awarded $200.

The University of New Mexico also offers a couple of scholarships to linguistics students through its Department of Linguistics. The Joseph H. Greenberg Endowed Research Fellowship—this fellowship includes a two-year part-time assistantship and a stipend for a qualifying doctoral student. Fellowship also includes graduate tuition and health insurance coverage. The Robert Young Endowed Scholarship—this scholarship is dedicated to linguistics students interested in Native American linguistics.

Tips for Getting Linguistics Scholarships

  • When seeking departmental scholarships, keep in mind linguistics may fall under other main departments, such as the English department, or a combination of other linguistics-related fields, such as Languages, Literatures and Linguistics.
  • Start early. Since most scholarships are awarded within the school you are attending, be sure to find the college or university that best suits your career goals and provides sufficient financial support for your needs.
  • Note all deadlines and requirements for scholarships.

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