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Scholarships in Statistics

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Selecting a major in statistics opens the door to many career opportunities. Statistics majors can find employment in the medical field, at an educational institute, in government agencies, and other organizations. Wherever your degree may take you, financial support may be required to pay for your higher education.

Scholarships are a great option because they don’t have to be repaid. Statistic students just need to know where to find these scholarship opportunities to add to their financial aid package.

Where to Find Scholarships for Statistics Majors

When seeking statistics scholarships, the best place to start is on campus. The financial aid office provides general scholarships, while the statistics department offers scholarships specifically designed for statistics majors. In addition, statistics students can seek outside scholarships typically offered by national associations which encourage degree-seeking students to pursue a career in statistics. Here are examples of such awards:

Iowa State University offers a number of statistics scholarships within the Department of Statistics.

  • Statistics Department/Eli Lilly Company Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman pursuing a degree program in statistics. This scholarship is awarded to qualifying students based on academic achievements, including ACT/SAT test scores. A letter of recommendation is required for consideration.
  • Schillmoeller Family Scholarship in Statistics awards $500 to an undergraduate students majoring in statistics. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and have a minimum grade point average of 3.2 to be considered.
  • Scott Kongable Undergraduate Statistics Scholarship awards $600 to statistics majors in their junior or senior year of schooling. Applicants must possess a strong academic record, participate in extra-curricular activities, and be willing to interview to be considered for this award.
  • Max Boehm Scholarship is dedicated to undergraduate students majoring in statistics, who demonstrate financial need, and come from challenging backgrounds. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 to apply. This scholarship provides full in-state tuition.
  • Statistics Club Award is offered to undergraduate students majoring in statistics in their junior or senior year. Applicants must have contributed to the Statistics Club, as well as the Department of Statistics, and demonstrate academic achievements to be considered. Active members only. Amount awarded is $200.

The University of South Alabama offers a few statistics scholarships through its Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The Chris Nash Scholarship awards $500 to students majoring in mathematics and statistics. Recipient is the student who scores the highest at the annual math competition. The Department Scholarship awards $1,500 to be used for tuition and additional educational expenses to undergraduate students pursuing a major in mathematics and statistics. Preference is given to full-time students in their junior or senior year. The Sushila Mishra Memorial Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship awards $500 to students nominated by department faculty who are pursuing a degree program in mathematics and statistics. The Victorino S. Blanco Memorial Scholarship awards $500 to a graduating senior with the highest grade point average who is pursuing a degree in mathematics and statistics.

At the University of Northern Iowa statistics majors have some scholarship opportunities through is Department of Mathematics. The Mathematics Almuni Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen in the amount of about $3,000 who are planning to pursue a major in one of several fields, including statistics. The John F. and Ruth Cross Scholarship gives an estimated $1,750 to a statistics and actuarial science major that plans to do an internship or has recently completed an internship. Preference is given to students whose internships are out of the state of Iowa.

American Statistical Association offers several statistics scholarships for graduate students.

  • Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship is awarded annually to women entering into a graduate program in statistics. Amount awarded is $2,000.
  • Edward C. Bryant Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student pursuing survey statistics. Award includes a certificate and a $2,500 scholarship.

Tips to Keep in Mind about Statistics Scholarships

  • Dig a little deeper when seeking departmental scholarships. Some institutions have statistics departments, while others offer statistics scholarships through other main departments, such as mathematics.
  • Start your search early so no scholarship opportunities are missed.
  • Note each scholarship deadline to ensure all materials are submitted on time.
  • Use the Internet to find associations that offer statistics scholarships.

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