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Scholarships in Botany and Plant Sciences

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A fascination with plant life is only the general focus of botany and plant sciences majors. Within this area of science, students learn all the details of plant life, including horticulture, floriculture, and more. Like most degree programs, botany and plant sciences majors will mostly require some financial assistance to earn their college degree.

Besides general scholarships which are offered by most colleges and universities, botany and plant sciences students can seek further awards on campus. Many departmental scholarships are also awarded on campus through the botany department. In addition, some organizations, endowments, and associations offer scholarships specific to students majoring in botany and plant sciences.

Types of Botany and Plant Sciences Scholarships

Since botany and plant sciences covers a broad scope of plant life and all it entails students can find a number of scholarship opportunities. Here are some examples:

Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana offers four botany and plant pathology scholarships through its Botany and Plant Pathology department. Each scholarship is geared toward a student’s grade level. The Freshman Scholarship awards $500 to incoming freshmen; the Sophomore Scholarship awards $1,000 to botany and plant pathology majors in their sophomore year. Current freshmen are also eligible for this award. The other two scholarships, the Junior Scholarship, and the Senior Scholarship each award $1,000. To be considered, applicants must include a written statement, and a research development proposal.

Eastern Michigan University offers the Richard A. Giles Botany Scholarship which is awarded to undergraduate students majoring in biology, looking to pursue a career in an area of botany. This is a one-year scholarship awards anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan offers the Martin and Frances Karsten Biology Scholarship which is dedicated to biology majors with a concentration in botany. Applicants must demonstrate financial need, be a junior or senior level undergraduate, and possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

The University of Wisconsin—Platteville offers two scholarships: the Chester and Susan Dziekanowski Scholarship which is offered to biology majors with an emphasis in botany or ecology; and, the Plant Biology Award which is offered to biology majors planning to complete a research project in botany.

Central Michigan University offers the Federated Garden Clubs of Michigan scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to undergraduate biology majors with an interest in botany, or other related fields.

The American Floral Endowment offers a number of floriculture scholarships for botany and plant sciences majors.

  • Paris Fracasso Production Floriculture Scholarship is dedicated to junior and senior level students with a career interest in floriculture production. This award is funded by the Ohio Floriculture Foundation and the Ohio Florist’s Association.
  • John Carew Memorial Scholarship is awarded to graduate students pursuing a major in horticulture with a career interest in greenhouse crops.
  • Mike & Flo Novovesky Scholarship is geared toward married students who are putting themselves through school. Applicants must possess a minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher. If not enough married applicants apply, this award may be offered to an undergraduate student interested in a career in horticulture who demonstrates financial need.
  • Ball Horticultural Company Scholarship is dedicated to junior or senior level students pursuing a degree program with career aspirations in commercial floriculture.

The Garden Club of America offers a number of scholarships, including the Katherine M. Grosscup Scholarship which awards up to $3,000 every year to qualifying students majoring in horticulture or a related area of study. Preference is given to students from the following states: Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; and, the GCA Summer Scholarship in Field Botany which offers one or more students up to $2,000 looking to pursue field study opportunities in botany during the summer.

Tips for Seeking Botany and Plant Sciences Scholarships

  • When seeking departmental scholarships, keep in mind, botany may fall under other main departments, such as biology. Botany can also be found under the College of Science at some institutions.
  • For general scholarships offered by colleges and universities, speak with a representative from the financial aid office.
  • When seeking outside scholarships, botany may fall under broader categories like horticulture and other botany-related areas of study.
  • Start early and know your deadlines! Since botany oftentimes falls under other main areas of study, like biology, it is a good idea to start your scholarship early so that no awards are missed. And, note all deadlines so materials are submitted on time.

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