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Aircraft Electronics Association Educational Foundation

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Founded in 1957, the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) has over 1,300 business members including avionics manufacturers, test equipment manufacturers, educational institutions, airframe manufacturers, distributors, and other facilities related to aviation. Its goal is to be a world renowned organization dedicated to improving productivity by encouraging members to create high quality processes, expand their education, and influence legislative programs.

AEA also offers a monthly magazine, Avionics News. Recognized as a primary publication for avionics information, Avionics News strongly supports the aviation electronics industry. The Pilot’s Guide to Avionics is the organization’s yearly publication which offers suggestion for avionics purchases. AEA also provides a number of training and professional development workshops for its members to further their knowledge and stay current in the field of avionics and aircraft repair.

In addition, AEA established the Educational Foundation in 1990 to promote the future of aviation and itself. The AEA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program was formed to further the education of members, students, and technicians. So far the Foundation has awarded close to $1 million to students pursuing degree programs in aircraft electronics and aviation maintenance. This article will discuss the scholarships offered through the AEA Educational Foundation.

American Electronics Association Educational Foundation Scholarship Information

AEA Educational Foundation offers an extensive scholarship program with awards ranging anywhere from $500 up to $35,000. Many of the scholarships are designed for graduating high school students and college students enrolled at post-secondary institutions, and technical schools nationwide. Students applying for these awards must be pursuing a career in the aviation maintenance and aircraft electronics industry. Application deadline for these awards is in February. Questions about AEA’s scholarship program can be directed to Mike Adamson at mikea@aea.net.

Here are some of the AEA Educational Foundation scholarships offered:

  • Sporty’s /Cincinnati Avionics Scholarship: Awards $2,000.
  • David Arver Memorial Scholarship: Awards $1,000 to an eligible student.
  • Dutch and Ginger Arver Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded.
  • Kei Takemoto Memorial Scholarship: Award amount for this scholarship is $500.
  • L-3 Avionics Systems Scholarship: $2,500 is awarded.
  • Johnny Davis Memorial Scholarship: Awards $1,000 to a quaified student.
  • Garmin International Scholarship: Awards $2,000.
  • Mid-Continent Instrument Scholarship: Amount awarded is $1,000.
  • Chuck Peacock Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded to a qualified student.
  • Plane & Pilot Magazine/Garmin Scholarship is a $2,000 award.
  • Lee Tarbox Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by Pacific Southwest Instrument and awards $2,500.
  • Tom Taylor Memorial Scholarship awards $35,000 to one student pursuing an associate’s degree in Applied Science, or a diploma for Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) on the campus of Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology in Oklahoma. This scholarship covers all tuition expenses only. All other expenses are the responsibility of the recipient, including books, student fees, living expenses, and educational supplies. NOTE: Applicants cannot be enrolled in the AMT program at the time of application.
  • Thomas J. Slocum Memorial Scholarship to Redstone College: Three awards of $1,000 each are given to students planning to attend Redstone College in Colorado. These scholarships are provided to pay for tuition costs only. All other expenses are the responsibility of the recipient, including books, educational supplies, and living expenses. New students as well as continuing education students enrolled in Avionics at the college are eligible.
  • Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) Scholarship: Awards $2,000.
  • Texas State Technical College Scholarship: Ten $1,000 scholarships are awarded to qualifying students pursuing an associate’s degree in avionics. Applicants must not be enrolled in the school’s avionics program at the time of application.
  • Bud Glover Memorial Scholarship: Awards $1,000.
  • Don C. Hawkins Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded to an eligible student.
  • Duncan Aviation Scholarship: Includes a $1,000 award.
  • Field Aviation Scholarship: Awards $1,000 to a qualifying student attending an educational institution in Canada.
  • Honeywell Avionics Scholarship: Amount awarded is $1,000.
  • Lowell Gaylor Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded.
  • Monte R. Mitchell Global Scholarship: Awards $1,000 to a European student pursuing a degree program in aviation maintenance technology, aircraft repair, or avionics at an accredited U.S. or European educational institution.
  • Rockwell Collins Scholarship: Awards $1,000.
  • Southeast Aerospace Scholarship: Offers a $1,000 award.
  • Garmin/Jerry Smith Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 is awarded to an eligible student.
  • Leon Harris/Les Nichols Memorial Scholarship: Especially designed for Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology students planning to pursue an associate’s degree in Applied Science in Aviation Electronics. Scholarship awards more than $35,000 to be used for tuition costs only. Other expenses are the responsibility of the student including books, educational supplies, student fees, and living expenses. Applicant must not be enrolled in the school’s avionics program at the time of application.

In September, AEA Educational Foundation provides a downloadable scholarship application for the upcoming academic year on their website.

Aircraft Electronics Association Educational Foundation: Tips to Keep in Mind

If scholarships are not found on the organization’s website, interested candidates should call ahead or email the director for instructions, qualifications, and requirements. Therefore, it is wise to start your scholarship search early. And, be sure to return to their website in September for a downloadable application form.

Although the deadline remains the same for all scholarships, it is important to keep track of all the scholarships you applied for and note any additional materials required to ensure application and supplemental materials are submitted on time.

How to Reach Aircraft Electronics Association Educational Foundation

Aircraft Electronics Association Educational Foundation
3570 NE Ralph Powell Road
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
PH: (816) 347-8400
FAX: (816) 347-8405

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