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American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

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As the biggest, global specialty nursing organization, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) is dedicated to offering its members the resources and knowledge needed to provide the best care to critically ill patients. Established in 1969, AACN currently represents over 500,000 nurses who specialize in caring for severe and seriously ill patients.

AACN strives to create a solid healthcare system influenced by the needs of their patients and their families. Nurses who treat acute and critically ill patients depend on the AACN for information and knowledge to fulfill their duties in caring for their patients.

In order to keep up with today’s technological advances, AACN recently introduced the E-Learning Program. This program provides web-based, cost-effective educational courses for nurses looking to further their education and expand their knowledge. AACN is committed to educating its members and providing financial support through their scholarship program. This article expands on the organization’s scholarship program, as well as its eligibility and requirements.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Scholarship Program

The AACN’s Scholarship program endorses personal growth and continuous learning by funding academic activities to fill nurse’s individual learning gaps. The Professional Advancement Scholarships are not designed for nursing students seeking financial support for an entire degree program over a number of years. However, nursing students pursuing a degree program can apply for funding of one specific course. Instead, these scholarships are geared toward professional nurses looking to stay current in their career and fill any educational gaps within the field of nursing.

To apply for any scholarships within this program, individuals must be active AACN members. NOTE: Those who are AACN members and on the board of directors, or part of the national office staff are not eligible for any scholarships.
Applicants are judged on several criteria in order to receive a Professional Advancement Scholarship. There are four main questions on the application each applicant must answer: (1) What don’t I know?; (2) What do I want to know?; (3) How do I plan to acquire the knowledge I lack?; and, (4) What will it cost? Once this is determined, applicants can request financial assistance by providing specific information stating how funds will be used with the proposed educational activity. Financial aid from AACN can be used for registration fees, lodging, travel expenses, and incidentals. Awards typically offer up to $3,000 in funding per person.

To apply for a Professional Advancement Scholarship, applicants must complete and submit a scholarship application and a resume, and email it to scholarships@aacn.org. Once the documents are received, applicants are evaluated on how they answered and described the four main questions regarding their learning gaps. It is important to apply early, at least 4-6 months prior to starting the proposed learning activity. Applying in advance guarantees enough time to adequately evaluate one’s application. Awards are directly sent to the recipient of the scholarship. NOTE: Scholarships are accepted any time of the year.

Although AACN does not offer scholarships for nursing students, it does support the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) which offers a number of scholarship opportunities to qualifying nursing students enrolled in nursing programs nationwide. The Foundation of the NSNA (FNSNA) has been providing scholarships to nursing students since 1969. For a complete listing of awards, check out their website.

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Scholarship Program: Things to Note

  • Since the application is the only piece of information, besides a resume, used to determine if you are awarded financial aid, it is very important to take your time and answer your questions thoroughly. Write up to your maximum word allotment.
  • Have someone else read over your answers to make sure the information is clear. Also, check that grammar and spelling is correct. A poorly written application decreases your chances of receiving financial assistance.
  • If there is something on your resume that is pertinent to the learning activity you are proposing funding for, then include that information in your application.

Contact Information for the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
101 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
TOLL FREE: (800) 899-2226
PH: (949) 362-2000
FAX: (949) 362-2020

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