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American Nuclear Society

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Launched in 1954, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) is a nonprofit organization committed to specialized activities connecting nuclear science and technology. ANS includes members from various occupations including scientists, engineers, educators, and administrators. The organization strives to promote awareness of the nuclear science and technology field.

ANS’s mission would like to be known as advocates of nuclear science and technology by helping with in the advancement and future developments of this industry. Today, the ANS contributes to the field of nuclear science and technology through its products and services, as well as its publications, outreach programs, workshops, and scholarships and awards.

ANS’s scholarship program plays a vital role in assisting students for a career in nuclear science and technology. This article further expands on ANS’s scholarship program, its requirements, and more.

Scholarship Program at the American Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society (ANS) offers a number of undergraduate scholarships, undergraduate/graduate scholarships, graduate scholarships, and need scholarships to qualifying candidates. To be considered for any scholarships, candidates must be ANS members enrolled at a United States institution, and provide transcripts from all colleges and universities. Application deadline for each scholarship is in February, unless noted. Candidates are allowed to apply for more than one scholarship and use one application form. Exception: Separate forms are required for the Delayed Education Scholarship for Women, and the Landis Scholarships.

Undergraduate Scholarships

ANS Incoming Freshman Scholarship: Awards up to four $1,000 scholarships to high school students who are registered full-time. Students must be planning to major in, or are majoring in, nuclear engineering. To be considered, applicants must submit a 500-word essay, along with letters of reference, and possess a good academic record. All documents should be sent directly to ANS Headquarters. Application deadline for this scholarship is in April.

ANS offers up to four Undergraduate Scholarships specifically designed for sophomores. To be considered, students must be pursuing a degree in nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or other nuclear-related field and have completed one year of classes leading to those degrees. Each recipient is awarded a $2,000 scholarship.

ANS also awards up to 21 Undergraduate Scholarships for nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or nuclear-related majors in their junior or senior year of school. Each recipient receives a $2,000 scholarship.

ANS awards the following undergraduate scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to students with two or more years of coursework completed towards a degree in nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or other nuclear-related major: Robert T. Liner Memorial Scholarship; William R. and Mila Kimel Nuclear Engineering Scholarship; and, Joseph R. Dietrich Memorial Scholarship.

Decommissioning, Decontamination and Reutilization Division Scholarship: This award is given to undergraduate engineering majors, or science majors enrolled in a degree program with an emphasis in one of the following areas: nuclear engineering, management of radioactive water, environment restoration, or decommissioning/decontamination. To be considered, applicants must be United States citizens, and be enrolled at a U.S. institution. A written statement of the candidates’ professional objectives is required, as well as ANS membership with a DDR Division designation, and participation in the DDR Division activities.

Accelerator Applications Division Scholarship: This is a one-time award that is not renewable, offered to junior level students majoring in engineering, physics, or materials science. Award is distributed in two installments: $1,000 in the recipient’s junior year; and, another $1,000 in the recipient’s senior year. To be considered, applicants must submit letters of recommendations, possess good academic standing, provide a written summary of their accomplishments, as well as their professional objectives. Other factors taken into consideration for this scholarship include: if student is a minority, demonstrates financial need, and has proof of involvement with ANS activities.

Undergraduate/Graduate Scholarships

Operations and Power Division Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for either undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at a U.S. institution pursuing a degree program in nuclear science or engineering. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or hold permanent residency status, and finished two years towards their four-year degree program. All applicants must submit a transcript.

James Vogt Radiochemistry Scholarship: This $3,000 award is offered to one eligible undergraduate or graduate student. Applicants must be enrolled in or conducting research in analytical chemistry, radio-analytical chemistry, or analytical processes related to nuclear science.

Pittsburgh Local Section Scholarship: Sponsored by the Pittsburgh Local Section of the ANS, this scholarship awards qualifying undergraduate students $2,000; and, $3,500 to eligible graduate students. All students applying for this award must be nuclear and science technology majors with affiliation to the Western Pennsylvania area.

Graduate Scholarships

ANS offers up to 29 Graduate Scholarships in the amount of $3,000 each. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding graduate students enrolled full-time in a degree program preparing for a career in nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or other nuclear-related field.

Everitt P. Blizard Scholarship: This $3,000 scholarship is awarded to graduate students enrolled in a graduate program for radiation protection and shielding.

James F. Schumar Scholarship: This scholarship awards $3,000 to eligible graduate students pursuing a graduate degree program in the field of material science and technology relating to nuclear use.

Need-based Scholarships

John and Muriel Landis Scholarship: This award provides financial assistance for up to eight undergraduate or graduate students demonstrating significant financial need, and planning or pursuing a career in nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or other nuclear-related field. Eligible graduating high school seniors can be considered for this scholarship. Preference is given to disadvantaged students. Award amount is $5,000.

Delayed Education for Women Scholarship: One $5,000 award is offered to a female student returning to school to complete an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering, nuclear science, or other nuclear-related field.

American Nuclear Society Scholarship Program: Tips to Remember

  • This article touched upon most of the undergraduate scholarships offered by the American Nuclear Society. For a complete listing, visit the ANS website.
  • There are more graduate scholarships offered by the varying divisions. Visit the ANS website for a detailed listing and eligibility requirements.
  • With so many scholarship options, it’s a good idea to begin the application process early by determining which scholarships suit you and applying for them as early as possible.

Contacting the American Nuclear Society

American Nuclear Society
555 N. Kensington Ave.
La Grange Park, IL 60526
TOLL FREE: (800) 323-3044
PH: (708) 352-6611
FAX: (708) 352-0499

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