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Accounting Associate Degrees Online

Associate's Degrees in Accounting

An Accounting Associate Degree program can be an excellent way for a working professional to not only increase their earning potential, but to open new job markets for themselves as well. In today’s world of education, it’s even possible to earn an Associates Degree in Accounting online which is not only convenient for the adult that already has a host of responsibilities, but can mean an affordable alternative to a traditional college experience.

What is an Accounting Associate’s Degree?

An Accounting Associate Degree program is a program that trains students in the accounting profession so that they are able to execute business functions in the professional world.

Why choose an online degree program?

An Accounting Associate Degree online can have a multitude of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Being able to work at your own pace
  • Not having to stick to a regimented schedule
  • More convenient for those students without transportation
  • Sometimes less costly than attending a community education or small university

What skills are earned?

An Associate’s Degree in Accounting offers students a wide range of skills that they can then turn around and use in the business world. Some of these skills include learning information pertaining to:

  • Financial accounting
  • Tax preparation
  • Accounting principles and theory
  • Planning and consulting
  • Reporting procedures
  • Managerial accounting
  • Legal aspects of accounting
  • Budget control
  • Professional standards and ethics
  • Non-profit and government accounting basics

Having an understanding of these skills can not only make you more desirable to future employers, but can also raise your earning potential and possibly assist you in earning a promotion at your current place of employment as well. An Associates Degree in Accounting can essentially be helpful in opening new doors for you and your career.

What types of jobs are available?

With an Associates Degree in Accounting, there are a variety of job options available. Many types of jobs look favorably on potential employees that not only hold a degree, but hold one that is business-oriented. Some possible positions include:

  • Personal income tax clerks
  • Accounts payable/receivable specialists
  • Professional bookkeepers
  • Accounting clerks
  • Payroll specialist
  • Billing clerk
  • Management trainee

How long will it take?

By earning an Accounting Associates Degree online, you can typically expect to complete the entire program in 1 to 2 years. This is much quicker than earning a traditional bachelor’s degree, which can take anywhere from 4-5 years to complete.

Are there any other incentives?

Aside from having a varied and solid job market right now, those who hold an Associate’s Degree in Accounting usually find that they are able to move up fairly successfully within their present companies. Even if you don’t end up working in the accounting field, many of the online Accounting Associate degree programs offer technology classes that can also make you more favorable to future employers.

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