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Law Degree Comparison

Paralegal Programs, Bachelor's Degree in Law, Juris Doctor (JD) and Other Law Degrees

If you are interested in furthering your education to get a career that is better suited to your interests than what you are currently doing, have you ever considered going into the legal field? There are a number of great career opportunities that will be open to you if you have a law degree, including being a paralegal, and some of the degree programs that you may be interested in learning more about include a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies, a bachelor’s degree in law or a business law degree. You can take all of the courses that you need online, so you don’t have to actually physically attend classes at a college or university.

Paralegal Degree Programs

There are a number of paralegal degree programs available online, including a certificate, associate, bachelor and post-bachelor programs. If you have decided that you want to earn your paralegal bachelor’s degree, you may want to take the Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program. Some areas of study will include document supervision, litigation preparation and legal research. This course of study will prepare you for careers in such institutions as law enforcement agencies, corporate law departments and government agencies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Another program option that you may be interested in is the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. This program will teach you about the legal system and how it works, as well as help to improve your communication, research and critical thinking skills. With this program, you are able to select particular courses on specific topics of interest to you, which will prepare you for the legal career of your choice.

Juris Doctor Law Degree

There are a few programs that you may want to take when you decide to earn your Juris Doctor law degree. Programs of particular interest are the Juris Doctor – Attorney Track program and the Juris Doctor – Executive Track program. This program takes about four years to complete, and graduates will find a number of career opportunities available to them. Some of the other programs within the Juris Doctor program include the Juris Doctorate program, the Executive Juris Doctorate program and the Executive Juris Doctorate Health Law program.

Business Law Degree

There are a number of nationally accredited colleges and universities that offer business law degrees online. When you hold a degree in business law, you will learn all about the legal issues facing corporations worldwide, as well as learning about business ethics. Some areas of study will include bankruptcy law, legal research and writing, international business law, e-commerce, administrative law and commercial law, just to name a few.

Career Opportunities Available to You When You Have a Law Degree

There are many career opportunities available to those who hold a law degree. Some graduates may choose to become paralegals, while others enjoy being legal assistants or court reporters. When you hold a paralegal degree, business law degree or a bachelor’s degree in law, you have a key that will open many doors.

The Advantages of Earning a Law Degree Online

Many people find that although they would like to go back to school and earn a law degree, they just do not have the time, especially if they are employed and/or have family commitments. When you take your courses online, you have the convenience of being able to schedule your classes any time you want to take them and still get the benefits of classroom instruction, lectures and discussions, which you will be required to take part in. Taking classes online is a great way to earn a degree, and when you have a law degree, you will find numerous career opportunities.

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