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The Online Master's Degree

Accredited Online Master's Degree Programs

Online Master’s degree programs are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the fact that many of them are now accredited and being accepted at companies and institutions across the country and world.

Why Choose an Online Program?

If you already have your BA or BS then chances are you have considered returning to school at some point and receiving your Master’s degree. However, time and money doesn’t always make it convenient to take classes at a traditional university setting. Online masters programs offer flexibility, affordability, and convenience to the working adult that might not be able to return to college otherwise.

There is a mix of online programs that provide degrees that are probably more conducive to your lifestyle than the typical on-campus programs. Some might only offer classes online, while others might combine on-campus experiences with online classes. It’s up to you to decide which online master degree program is right for you.

Is my online Master’s degree program accredited?

Depending on the field of study that you go into, you may or may not require a program that is accredited. To be on the safe side, however, you should choose one that is. Before you decide on your online masters program, you should ensure that it has the proper accreditations for your career goals or else you might find that your degree doesn’t get you very far. Reputable school websites will indicate their accreditation status, as well the organization from which they’ve received accreditation. However, this information is not always easy to spot. If you are in doubt, call the school directly.

You should at least look for the phrase “regional accreditation authority.” This means that the merits of the degree you earn will be widely recognized all over the country as well as by employers. If in doubt, as soon as you locate an online school that you are interested in, do some research and find out how well their alumni are faring in the field that you are looking into and see if any of them have had any difficulty in locating jobs upon graduation.

Luckily, most schools are accredited these days so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. New universities are even becoming accredited on an almost daily basis.

What are some popular Masters Programs offered online?

There are many, many online Master’s degree programs to choose from. In fact, regardless as to what your particular field might be, you will probably find a master’s program available online for you. Some popular choices include:

  • MBA
  • Masters in Counseling
  • Masters in English
  • Masters in Education
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Masters in Religion
  • Masters in Criminal Justice
  • Masters in Healthcare Management
  • Masters in Psychology
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Accounting

Why gain a Masters online?

Although having a BA or a BS is a good way of opening doors as far as your career is concerned, a Masters earned in an online Master’s degree program can be a good way of increasing your earning potential. It can also be an excellent way of garnering a promotion at your current job. Many companies are now not only requesting that their employees hold undergraduate degrees, but expect them to hold Masters degrees as well.

In some fields, it is impossible to advance without the presence of a Master’s degree. For that reason, enrolling in an online Master’s degree program can be essential to your career goals and employment outlook. In addition, a Master’s degree is often a good start to a doctoral degree as well.

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