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Associate's Degrees

Associate's Degrees in Business, Administration, and Management

Many people are finding that an Associate’s Degree in Business is able to open up doors for them that might have been previously closed. A lot of employers today are seeking candidates that have degrees and possessing an associate’s degree can certainly give you an advantage over someone that does not have a degree at all.

In addition, many people also use an associate’s degree as a stepping stone to gaining a bachelor’s degree on down the line, which can increase their earning potential and make them even more attractive to potential employers.

Associate’s Degree in Business

An Associate’s Degree in Business can help provide a solid educational foundation for those students that are seeking a career in the business world. For the most part, associate degree programs in business initiate students in the principles of business management and administration. They might also center on the central aspects of marketing, economics, and accounting. It can be a good way of learning about general business practices, problem solving skills, and decision making when it comes to business endeavors.

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

Many people choose to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. This can be an excellent degree program to pursue if you are seeking a degree scheme that will give you an overview of the business world and the various skills that you need in order to do well in it. A degree in business administration should give you adequate knowledge of effective communication, computers, basic accounting and financial principles, and managerial and leadership skills.

An Associate’s Degree in Business Administration will cover a variety of coursework, all of which should be designed to enhance your knowledge of various business practices. Your coursework could include:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Management Theory and Practices
  • International Business Practices

Associate’s Degree in Business Management

With an Associate’s Degree in Business Management, you will essentially possess the skills that are needed in order to supervise others, assign projects, determine the daily priorities in regards to your office and work environment, and organize staff teams to meet your company’s goals. You will probably be required to report to senior management and will hopefully have the potential and room to progress your career into top-level management within a more moderate amount of time as opposed to the amount of time that it might have taken you if didn’t possess the degree.

The educational requirements for an Associate’s Degree in Business Management varies by the school that you attend, but you can pretty much count on needing at least 60 hours worth of credit hours in order to successfully complete your course of studies. Courses might include:

  • Business Communications
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managing Employees Effectively
  • Computer Applications
  • Business Ethics
  • Oral & Written Communication
  • Management & Human Resources

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