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Online Nursing Degree Comparison

Online Nursing Degrees, Graduate Nursing Degrees, and Other Nursing Programs

Nurses are in very high demand these days and as a result, many people are returning to school in order to get nursing degrees. Although a lot of people continue to attend classes in a traditional university setting, obtaining online nursing degrees have also become very popular in the past few years due to the flexibility that they offer their students. It is possible to earn your degree for nursing from a wide variety of online schools and there are several different types of degrees that are available for those that are wishing to seek careers in the field of nursing.

Online schools typically combine coursework with training in the field. That means that although you will be taking classes online, you will still be required to conduct research and train at a healthcare facility in order to get hands-on experience within the field. The incentive to taking online classes, however, is that you can attend your courses from the privacy of your own home and for the most part work from a schedule that might be more conducive to your overall lifestyle.

Online Nursing Degrees

There are several different online nursing degree programs that are available for those students wishing to pursue a career in the field. It is possible to get an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, which is a 2 year program. With this type of degree, you can still take the RN examination, although most people go on to receive their Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. The BSN usually takes around 4 years to complete. With a certificate or associate’s degree, students are also eligible to take the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) exam which can still open up many doors for them.

If you already have your associate’s degree, then you can usually find an online program that will allow you to do an Associates-to-BSN degree program which will accelerate the process of receiving your BSN.

Graduate Nursing Degrees

A lot of students continue on with their education after completing a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree in nursing. A graduate nursing degree, or Master of Science in Nursing, usually takes around 2 years to complete. Students that graduate with a master’s degree might find themselves in a supervisory role within their organization or healthcare facility. They also might find better job opportunities in the private sector or in academia.

Other Nursing Programs

A nursing doctorate degree program is available for those students that wish to earn their PhD in the field. This can be a good degree to hold if you plan on teaching nursing at a college or university, or if you want to get into research as far as the field is concerned. Nurses that hold a PhD might also work for international health organizations, insurance companies, or for the government.

It usually takes around 3-5 years to complete a nursing doctorate degree. Students typically conduct a lot of research under the guidance of a faculty member and end with a dissertation or thesis.

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