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Large Four-Year Universities in Ohio

University of Akron, University of Cincinnati, Cleveland State University, Kent State University

Ohio enjoys hot and humid summers, cool winters, and moderate rainfall year round. Located on the eastern edge of the Midwest, it is situated in a prime location that is highly conducive to economic trade and growth. It is considered a vital link to the northeastern United States and it is also only a one-day drive to approximately 50% of the population in North America. For a variety of reasons, Ohio is widely considered to have a desirable business climate, often ranked highly according to many business publications in that respect. It has one of the largest state university systems in the nation, with over 400,000 students enrolled. To go along with that, Ohio is also home to some of the most highly ranked public libraries in the nation.

University of Akron

The third largest university in Ohio, it is home to around 27,000 students who have access to over 200 different majors. It is world famous for its Polymer Studies program, which ranks highly both nationally and even internationally. Construction has been ongoing that has seen the addition of nine new buildings and the renovation of fourteen with total costs exceeding $300 million. The school also boasts a new football stadium. The university itself consists of over 80 buildings on 222 acres of land.

University of Cincinnati

With an enrollment of approximately 40,000, it is ranked amongst the top 100 largest universities in the nation. It has undergone extensive renovations over the years and is now widely considered to be one of the most distinguished campus settings in the world according to many recognized campus planners and architects. It boasts one of the top business schools in the nation and is recognized for its excellent paleontology program. It also has a prestigious performing arts school that consistently ranks high for its voice, composition, piano, and musical theater programs, just to name a few.

Cleveland State University

With its main campus located in downtown Cleveland, this school features over 70 academic majors to choose from. It is especially known for its Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, whose city management and urban policy program ranks among the top 5 in the country. Its School of Communication and College of Business also rank highly, often placing in the top 10 in their respective categories according to reputable publications. The school has set into motion plans to spend $90 million to convert the university from a commuter college to a residential campus by creating more housing options for students and opening up nearby public transportation options.

Kent State University

Originally established as a small teacher training school, it now consists of over 1,000 acres of land with 118 buildings. With enrollment at nearly 40,000 students, it vies for third place in the ranking for the largest university in Ohio. It is often ranked in the top 100 public research universities in the nation as well as the top 50 when it comes to community engagement. This eight campus system has notable programs in aeronautics, aviation, fashion design, liquid crystals, and music.

Ohio State University

With the distinction of being the second largest university campus in the nation, it has a student body that numbers over 60,000. It consistently ranks highly academically both nationally and internationally, often considered to be in the top 60 universities in the United States and among the top 150 in the world. It is often referred to as a Public Ivy because of its outstanding academics and the great value it representsa. It is considered to be the highest ranked public university in Ohio. Departments that rank especially high within the university include engineering, law, education, geography, and political science. It also has a dance department that often ranks in the top 2 nationwide. Housed on approximately 1,755 acres of land, it is home to the eighteenth largest research library in North America.

Ohio University

Situated on a massive 1,800 acre campus in Athens, it is the ninth oldest public university in the United States. It often ranks in the top 150 for its undergraduate program according to many reputable publications. It is especially well known for its School of Journalism and School of Visual Communication. It also offers an excellent education studies program that dates back to the school’s founding and which currently serves over 1,400 undergraduates.

Bowling Green State University

Located about 20 miles south of Toledo, this campus offers over 200 undergraduate programs of study to its students. It has a student body of around 22,000 that go to school on a campus of around 1,300 acres in overall area. Its School of Communication is home to a nationally and internationally recognized Speech and Debate team, which was established in 1919. It continues to be a leader in teacher preparation, with majors offered in several areas of teacher licensing.

Youngstown State University

While its alumni number more than 77,000, it yet remains one of the smaller universities in Ohio with an enrollment of around 14,000 students. Despite being isolated from any outstanding geographical features, the 140 acre campus just north of downtown Youngstown is known to have incredible landscaping, which is uncharacteristic of such universities. The campus’s newly renovated planetarium remains popular with undergraduates, with many of them registering for courses that involve its usage. It is also known to have a highly touted school of music.

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