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Large Four-Year Universities in Maryland

University of Maryland, College Park: The Flagship School of the State System

Maryland, situated in the middle of the eastern United States and bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the smallest states in the nation. Despite that, it has a wide variety of geographies and climates, which range from hot, humid summers with short mild winters in the east to milder summers with more significant amounts snowfall during the cool winters in the west. One common theme is the fact that most regions experience rainfall throughout the year, characteristic of the East Coast states. Thanks to having been one of the thirteen original colonies and being located next to Washington D.C., it has played a key role in American History and continues to play an important role as many jobs in Maryland revolve around administrative and technical tasks for the government. It enjoys one of the highest median household income statistics, making it home to some of the wealthiest households in the nation. A large economic driver is its thriving tertiary service sector, which comes in the form of transportation access mainly due to the Port of Baltimore. It is also home to a number of excellent higher education options, including the schools in the University of Maryland System.

University of Maryland, College Park: The Flagship School of the State System

Situated just outside of Washington D.C. in College Park and with a student body consisting of almost 27,000 undergraduate students, it is the flagship school of the University of Maryland System. It is often recognized as a Public Ivy because of its excellent academics and the prestige that is associated with the school. Because it is located in such close proximity to the nation’s capitol, it has strong research partnerships with the Federal government. It consistently ranks among the top universities in the country, as well as frequently placing in the top 50 worldwide. The university offers several programs where students with similar studies can live in the same residential area.

University of Maryland University College: Specializing in Distance Learning

Located in the unincorporated community of Adelphi, it is Maryland’s second largest university. Originally an outgrowth of the University of Maryland’s evening adult education, it is one of the largest distance learning universities in the world, serving over 80,000 students worldwide. It was a pioneer for such education, offering it before the internet was accessible as it is today. Roughly 75% of the students attend part-time.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County: A Diverse School in the State System

With a student body of approximately 10,000 undergraduates and located in Catonsville, it is another excellent choice in the University of Maryland System. Though it specializes in natural sciences and engineering, it also offers liberals arts programs as well. It is considered one of the most diverse schools in the nation and is home to over 100 student-run organizations. Free pool, ping pong, comedy shows, concerts, video game tournaments, and various other social functions are offered every Friday for its students. It hosts the Meyerhoff Scholarship Program, which attempts to cultivate underrepresented minority scholarship and awareness in the sciences.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Historically Black with Excellent Options

Situated in Princess Anne and consisting of approximately 4,400 students, it is another fine choice in the University of Maryland System. An historically black college, its signature undergraduate programs include Hotel and Restaurant Management, Fashion Merchandising, Construction Management, Professional Golf Management, Aviation Science and Teacher Education. Its most popular majors remain Biology, Criminal Justice, and Business. The school recently added a 4-year engineering degree program as an option for its students. It is host to a well-known and competitive women’s bowling team.

University of Baltimore: Offering a Fairly Young Undergraduate Program

Located in downtown Baltimore and having a student body of around a mere 2,500 undergraduates, it recently began offering the first two years of Bachelor’s degree studies, previously only offering third and fourth year studies. Thus, its undergraduate program is a fairly young program, and it currently specializes in business and law programs of study. The school is host to an active student government, as well as numerous academic clubs and student organizations.

Towson University: Business and Teacher Education at a Great Value

Situated in Baltimore county and having a student body of around 17,000 undergraduates, it is one of the largest public university in Maryland. It is frequently listed as being among the best universities in the United States, often appearing in the top 100 according to some publications, and considered to be an extremely good value. It is one of the few universities that has a gerontology program, and one of the very few that has an e-Business undergraduate degree. It is home to one of the largest wireless networks in Baltimore that extends across campus, even to the residential halls. The school is host to TigerFest, an annual spring event that features interactive activities for students, as well as live band performances. Originally created to be a training school for teachers, it now offers much more, though it still trains more teachers than any other school in Maryland.

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