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Large Four-Year Universities in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin – Madison: The Flagship Campus of the State System

Wisconsin, located in the far north-central United States, is positioned in the region between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River and is considered to be a part of the Midwest. Although the state can be divided into 5 distinct geographical regions, almost half of the state is covered by forest. In general, the state as a whole experiences cold winters and short warm summers. The biggest drivers of its economy are manufacturing, agriculture, and health care. Though it is widely perceived as a farming state, manufacturing accounts for a much higher percentage of the state’s income, but that doesn’t mean that Wisconsin is an agricultural slouch. It ranks second only to California in milk and butter production and leads the nation in cheese production. It is also home to a number of food processing plants and is a major producer of beer. It offers some excellent higher education options as well, with the University of Wisconsin System leading the charge.

University of Wisconsin – Madison: The Flagship Campus of the State System

With an enrollment of around 29,000 undergraduates and over 40,000 students overall, it is the largest university in Wisconsin and the flagship school of the University of Wisconsin System. It is often ranked in the top 100 for universities nationwide, sometimes breaking into the top 50 and even making top 10 lists as well. Approximately half of the student body is enrolled in the College of Letters and Science, which offers a wide variety of study paths in its 39 departments and 5 professional schools . It if often labeled as a Public Ivy for the quality of its education and because of the prestige that the school carries. It is home to the 13th largest library collection in North America, with over 8.1 million volumes available. Many of its sports teams compete in NCAA Division I, with its football and basketball programs being especially competitive.

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee: Wisconsin’s Second Largest Public University

Located in Milwaukee, it has a student body that consists of approximately 24,000 undergraduates, making it one of the largest universities in Wisconsin. It often ranks highly nationwide, frequently making the top 100, and also ranking highly in many international rankings. Its schools of information studies, nursing, urban planing, engineering, and computer science all rank highly according to many reputable publications, each often placing in the top 50 or higher. The student-run news program called PantherVision is broadcast to approximately 300,000 households in southern Wisconsin and has won numerous awards. Its Golda Meir Library consists of over 3.2 million publications and is home to the American Geographical Society Library, which provides access to well over a million maps, pamphlets, photographs, books, atlases and slides.

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay: Part of the Growth Agenda

Originally having an environmental emphasis, this school of only around 6,500 undergraduates now offers a wide variety of degrees to choose from. The school hosts the student-run TV station called Phlash TV, which has won numerous student awards. It currently has the goal of increasing enrollment by around 1,000 as part of the Growth Agenda. Many of its sports programs participate in NCAA Division I, and the school is home to a highly competitive women’s basketball program.

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire: A Great Education at a Great Price

Located in Eau Claire and consisting of around 10,000 undergraduate students, it frequently ranks as one of the very best universities in the Midwest both academically and in terms of being a great value. It is the only university in the north-central and north-eastern Wisconsin region to offer a Bachelor’s in Nursing. It is home to a competitive and nationally recognized debate team that consistently places at the top for the state and in the top 10 for the nation. It is home to a nationally recognized music and theater arts program as well, with a Jazz ensemble that has won numerous awards and who has even earned a Grammy nomination.

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh: One of the Largest in Wisconsin

With a student body consisting of around 11,000 undergraduates and almost 13,000 students overall, it is often listed as the third largest comprehensive university in Wisconsin. The school is know to have especially strong accounting, nursing, business, teaching and fine arts programs. It is home to an extremely competitive men’s volleyball team, which consistently places in the top 5 in the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association championships. Because of the many available student-media outlets, the school is known to be a producer of young and talented sports writers and broadcasters. It features a student to faculty ration of about 21 to 1.

University of Wisconsin – Stout: Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University

Located in Menomonie and consisting of around 8,000 undergraduates, it is one of two universities in the University of Wisconsin system that is not named for the city that it’s located in. It focuses on preparing its students for professional careers in technology, industry, commerce and education, leading it to sometimes be referred to as “Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University.” All freshman and sophomores are required to live on campus for their first two years of study.

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