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Two-Year Colleges in South Carolina

Spartanburg Community College, York Technical College, Midlands Technical College, Trident Technical College

Named after British King Charles and one of the original 13 colonies, it’s easy to see the historical significance of South Carolina to the United States of America at large. Also known as the first state to have seceded from the Union prior to the Civil War, the individualist streak continues on in the state’s educational system. The system of technical colleges, a success in its own right, has recently shifted to include community colleges, which differ in their expanded scope. On top of the excellent private universities and state schools, the junior college system remains strong in South Carolina. Here are 5 key schools from around the state.

Spartanburg Community College

A community college which is the first of its kind in a state which previously was home to only technical colleges, Spartanburg has four locations in the area and serves over 10,000 students annually. Its other locations are in Gaffney, Union and Duncan. Dating back to 1961, when the original technical college opened in Spartanburg, SCC has undergone many periods of expansion and improvement.

Academically, one can break down Spartanburg’s offering into two major categories: the University Transfer Program, in which students begin coursework before moving on to complete degrees at four-year institutions; and certificate and associate degree programs which can be completed on any one of the campuses. In Arts & Sciences, AA degrees in Business, Education, Horticulture and Radiation Protection are available. Business & Computer Technology, Health & Human Services and Industrial & Engineering Technologies are the three other divisions at Spartanburg.

York Technical College

York Technical College in Rock Hill serves students in the north-central part of the state, near the border with Waxhaw, North Carolina. Founded in 1961 and serving over 7,500 students on an annual basis, York Tech offers nearly 900 degrees, certificates and diplomas in total, with university transfer programs in place as well as continuing education and workforce training.

York Technical College has three major divisions, with the Business, Arts and Computer Sciences Department in charge of Business Administration, English, Information Technology, Science and the Humanities. The Health & Human Sciences Department combines Allied Health Programs, Education and Criminal Justice curricula. Industrial & Engineering Technologies include Teleproduction, Machine Tool Technology, Engineering and Automotive Technology.

Midlands Technical College

Midlands Tech is located in South Carolina’s capital and most populous city, Columbia, while it has another three locations outside of the city, in Irmo, Batesburg-Leesville and at Fort Jackson. The slogan ‘You can get anywhere from here’ refers to the school’s outstanding reputation as a college from which one can transfer and complete a 4-year degree at nearly any state institution with the right amount of work and dedication. The college was created in 1974 when three junior colleges became Midlands Tech.

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees offered at Midlands Tech are designed to prepare the student for a broad education in the liberal arts, but the majority of the school’s programs are in the healthcare professions and technical careers. Students can take up studies in Dental Hygiene, Medical Lab Technology, Biotech Lab Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Surgical Technology, Radiology and more. Among the numerous course offering in technology careers, students can study to become a Web Designer, an Architectural Engineering Technician and a Manufacturing Design Technician.

Trident Technical College

Trident Technical College serves the residents of Dorchester, Berkeley and Charleston County, featuring five locations from Coastal South Carolina to St. George inland, its main campus in the place of its original founding in North Charleston in 1964. Unique in the fact that it generates over 75% of its own operating costs without state support, Trident Tech is more independent than ever.

Students may be surprised to see Aeronautical Studies as one of the departments, as well as Film, Media and Visual Arts. In addition to these programs, Trident is also home to the Culinary Institute of Charleston while maintaining programs in Nursing, Pre-Law and Community, Family & Child Studies. Trident backs a strong lineup of careers in technology with Aircraft Assembly and Aircraft Maintenance Technology.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (or HGTC) is located in coastal, northern South Carolina, its main campus in Conway and satellites in Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Plenty of offerings in AA and AS degrees are options at HGTC, with students wishing to move on to complete their degrees supported by the college’s connections statewide. Numerous Health Science programs, including Spa Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Phlebotomy, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Dental Hygiene can put students on the road immediately to careers in the industry.

Unique programs in Agricultural Technology include Forestry Management Technology (Timber Harvesting and Wildlife Management Emphases available), Golf & Sports Turf Management and Landscape Management. Otherwise, HGTC shows a commitment to a well-rounded course load, with Industrial Technology, Engineering and Public Service Technology represented.

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