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South Carolina: Large Four Year Universities

University of South Carolina, Winthrop University, Allen University, Benedict College, Clemson University

As the first state to vote to secede from the Union to begin the formation of the Confederate States of America, and named in honor of the late King Charles, the state of South Carolina has an interesting history that sets it apart from similar states of its size. Though much of the activity that takes place in South Carolina happens in its capital city, which is also the most populous, Colombia is certainly not the center of all the attention, especially when it comes to higher-education in the form of four year universities found throughout the state and the region. In addition to its fascinating past, South Carolina is also home to a unique and diverse present day population. According to the U.S census bureau, between the years of 2000-2005, South Carolina had the fastest growing foreign-born population. This may explain part of the state’s university systems growing diversity and attention to multi-cultural affairs.

University of South Carolina

What started in the middle of their current campus as a solitary building and a dream has since turned into a lasting achievement on the part of the founders of the University of South Carolina. From one building and a fragment of what the university now represents, the University of South Carolina has built a reputation for itself based on a dedication to outstanding levels of teaching and learning. The added campuses in Aiken, Beaufort, and Upstate (Spartanburg-Greenville) join the main campus in Columbia as a unit that represents the flagship of the state. With more than 350 degree programs, the institution stands alone in its scope and attention to a wide range of disciplines. Contributing more than $4 billion to the state of South Carolina’s economy annually, the University is a key component to the continued growth of the state.
Through academic excellence and outreach, the University of South Carolina is committed to more than just the local community, rather, the growth and prosperity of the state and the nation as a whole. Through collaborations with other educational institutes and health organizations, the university has also made a concerted effort to create a lasting relationship that promotes collaborative practices.

Winthrop University

A highly selective committee is the first indication of a prestigious university, which is exactly what Winthrop University is. Nationally recognized as an institute that promotes an education for students that enables them to live, learn, and lead in the 21st century is at the heart of the University’s mission. Forming personalized relationships between staff and students is another staple that the university’s president strives to maintain. The university’s humble beginnings started over one hundred years ago when a mere twenty-one students gathered in a borrowed classroom to begin their pursuit to become educated. As the university has grown over time, it has come to include forty-one distinct undergraduate degrees with more than 80 undergraduate programs.

Allen University

Opened in 1870 with the sole intention of providing education opportunities for newly freed slaves, Allen University is unique in its history and its academic mission. The core of its values is based in the idea that men and women who are prepared with a solid education and life-training skills are better able to make a positive contribution to society has citizens. The intimate class settings should not fool the average spectator as making this institute less relevant or less capable of providing a proper education. Rather, the University’s focus on personalized attention differentiate it form similar four year universities located throughout the state of South Carolina.

Benedict College

Officially founded in 1870, Benedict College has been providing educational opportunities to a diverse student body for more than one hundred years. Their schools of business and economics was recently awarded the initial accreditation of its Business Programs by The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ASBSP) in the 2009-2010 academic years. In addition, Benedict College is ranked one of the top ten in the nation for producing African-Americans with an undergraduate Physics degree. Moreover, Benedict College has demonstrated a lasting commitment to community involvement, growth, and development. Their commitment to surrounding community neighborhoods is self-evident in the formation of numerous programs aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the local community.

Clemson University

Clemson University thrives on what they call a ‘winning spirit’, which transcends academics, athletics, and student life. As one of the country’s top-tier research institutes, Clemson has made a committed effort to developing a cooperative environment whereby scientific and technological might are combined with social and academic intensity. The vibrant and diverse student community at Clemson is represented in their near 19,000 student body, majoring in 80 undergraduate and 110 graduate degree programs. The institute is well known for its outstanding level of education in Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, Architecture, the Arts and Humanities, Business, Health and Education among others. In addition, Clemson has stood out in its successful academic programs.

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