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Alabama’s Large Four Year Universities

Auburn University, Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama State University

Located in the heart of America’s ‘Bible belt’, and numbering approximately five million in population, this core of the United States’ south is a hotly sought after destination for higher education. Their excellence in athletics and academics have put the large four year universities of Alabama at the top of their ranks. The state has invested heavily in a few principal industries, which seems to be where their universities are focusing the majority of their efforts. Those industries are aerospace, banking, health care, and education, among others. With an added focus on the arts and sciences, education in the state of Alabama represents a great opportunity for prospective students looking to get the most out of their college experience, granting them a more competitive degree to enter the work force with.

Auburn University

As one of the largest universities in the south, Auburn stands out for its superior quality level of education. Auburn University sets itself apart with its emphasis on the arts and applied sciences. The university symbolizes the merits of a great institution, constantly changing in order to meet the evolving needs of society. In 1859, at the beginning of the long history of Auburn, the school graduated five students, a number that has grown into the tens of thousands in the modern day. Dr. Leroy Broun founded the first fraternities at the school, which later became officially recognized. His classical training in classics and applied sciences helped him develop the belief that the institution should be a ‘well-rounded’ place of learning. Though the school is constantly changing to meet the needs of the contemporary society in which we live, they continue to remain true to the traditions that helped establish its name.

Auburn University at Montgomery

This separately administered division of Auburn University was first opened 1967 to great expectations. With the addition of a 500-acre campus just west of Montgomery, the institute has grown in size by leaps and bounds. With regard to their academic excellence, the branch at Montgomery follows the same principles as its main college campus, upholding a standard of excellence in the arts and applied sciences that remains true to their founding ideals. In athletics, Auburn University at Montgomery has done more of the same to make its ‘Senators’ and ‘Lady Senators’ lead their teams to year after year of successful seasons. The school that first started as a group of ten all men students has grown into an internationally recognized institute built on success stories at two distinct campuses in the state of Alabama.

Alabama State University

With over 140 years of history and academic excellence to its credit, Alabama State University ranks high as a leading institution in the Southern United States. With accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, among others, ASU has gained the respect and prestige that has been attracting prospective students for over a century. Their commitment to the life-long process of education shines through in their numerous alumni associations. With nine academic departments to choose from and nearly fifty undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education degrees on offer, Alabama State has strived to provide a diverse and comprehensive level of education for their students. With a faculty that includes nearly 65% doctorate degree professors, the seriousness with which they conduct class is blatantly apparent. Moreover the intimate class settings allow professors to work one on one with students in order to bring out the unique talent and potential of each attendee.

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama was the state’s first public university, founded in 1831. As the state’s flagship university, UA prides itself on its commitment to higher education that provides opportunities for students to make a positive impact on their community, their state, and the world. For the ninth consecutive year, US News and World Report ranked the University of Alabama as one of the nation’s top fifty public Universities. The University ranks high in the number of Merit Scholars entering their freshman classes.
In addition, the University of Alabama plays a large role in the growth of the state’s economy. For every one dollar invested, the University makes a return of three dollars, contributing a whopping 1.8 billion dollars to the economy of the state annually.

Troy University

Troy University, with its main campus located in Troy, Alabama distinguishes itself from other universities in that they claim to prepare students for their future with more than just a fulfilling classroom education. Instead, Troy University advocates the promise that they provide students for a successful life. With an emphasis on personalized education experiences, Troy stands out as a place where an individual’s goals and particular talents are tended to by the experienced faculty. When it comes to understanding where you belong in your particular future, Troy does an impeccable job of assessing and harnessing the individuals’ potential for success.

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