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Large Four Year Universities in the Centennial State of Colorado

Colorado State University, Mesa State College, University of Colorado at Boulder

The 38th state to be admitted to the Union and rightfully known as the centennial state for having been admitted in 1876, Colorado boasts a vivid history and a unique identity for itself. The state of Colorado has been inhabited by Native Americans for nearly 13 millennia, adding yet another interesting facet to the state’s history. For these reasons, Colorado has attracted a wide-range of students to its state universities, offering superior education opportunities in a variety of fields. The state’s focus on environmental concerns seeks to enrich the local population’s awareness of their beautiful natural resources, and share that knowledge with the rest of the world. Their commitment to preserving their unique landscape can be seen in the many inter-disciplinary science and humanities programs that characterize the state’s university and college system.

Colorado State University

Enrolling approximately 25,000 resident-instruction students and seated at the Western edge of the great plains and tucked at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado State University is home to a unique natural environment and a dynamic student body. Though it was first founded while Colorado was still a territory, the University soon opened its doors to the fist class of nineteen freshmen just four years after Colorado became a state. Through eight different research centers, The Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station is part of an ongoing project focused on site-specific research related to agricultural and closely tied to the university. Colorado State University’s reputation as an institute devoted to sustainable living and research in the natural sciences is in no small part due to their comprehensive curriculum addressing Ecology and Environmental Engineering among other similar subjects.
Alternatively known as ‘The Green University’, Colorado State is internationally recognized as an institute that practices clean-energy research including alternative fuels, clean engines, wind and water technology, and ‘smart’ grid technology among others. Among their recent projects that has gained attention is the deal signed with San Diego-based Cannon Power Group, aimed at developing a wind energy farm on the border with the state of Wyoming. The universities focus on real practices in the field of sustainable energy can be felt across the campus and the state of Colorado.

Mesa State College

The core of Mesa State College is based on their thirteen departments and 250 full-time academic and technical faculty. Although approximately 73% of Mesa State’s students are traditional aged, the college is proud to extend their course offerings to include evening, online, and distance courses. This has enabled students from diverse backgrounds to further their career options and the education they seek for an enriched lifestyle. Based in a scenic-smaller community like setting, Mesa State offers a variety of four-year bachelor degrees without the expansive university feel. As a public university, Mesa State’s first priority is to serve the citizens of Colorado, which it has been doing since it was first founded in 1925.

University of Colorado at Boulder

Widely recognized as the flagship University of the state of Colorado, the University of Colorado in Boulder offers one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country alongside a dynamic student body and educational setting. To its credentials, CU at Boulder adds its place as the only member of the prestigious Association of American Universities in the Rocky Mountain Region. The primary goal of the university has been to establish itself as a standard of great comprehensive public research universities. Dating back to the days of the Colorado Territory, UC has always been host to a group of pioneers dreaming of the possibilities they could achieve in the way of educational opportunities. In the 130 years since their modest founding, UC has attracted a superb array of faculty and students. Among the awards they can claim, there has been a number of Nobel laureates, MacArthur fellows, and elected members of prestigious institutions that have walked through their doors. In addition, the University takes pride in the inter-disciplinary curriculum that defines its academic stance and mission.

University of Northern Colorado

As a university that emphasizes personal attention to students while still harnessing the capacity to provide a wide-range of disciplines from which students can choose from, the University of Northern Colorado provides four year degrees to students looking for a way to highlight their unique potential. Representing 38 states and five countries, UNC is able to blend a dynamic group of students coming from a variety of backgrounds along with a comprehensive academic mission. As a participant of the national Voluntary System of Accountability, UNC is also proud to offer accessible information about academic programs, student experiences, the cost of attendance and more. In addition to their commitment to academic excellence, the University of Colorado is also host to Division I athletic teams that compete at the National level.

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