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Louisiana: Large Four Year Universities

Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech University, Loyola University New Orleans, Tulane University

The State of Louisiana has a unique character thanks to its fascinating history as both a Spanish and a French Colony during the 19th century. This, combined with the large influx of West-African natives created a cultural melting pot that gives Louisiana a distinct flavor. Between the uplands and the alluvial region, the state constitutes a diverse natural environment, one that is best seen and enjoyed with a helping hand from those who are native to Louisiana. In the way of higher education, Louisiana has established a reputation for itself that rivals any of the great learning institutes in the country. Loyola and Tulane call for tough competition with the state’s flagship university, Louisiana, which offers outstanding education opportunities throughout the entire state at their various campuses. With students coming from throughout the nation and the world to enjoy Louisiana’s world-class offerings, the cultural amalgamation that characterizes the state is perpetuated at all of its learning institutions.

Louisiana State University

With over 235 academic fields of study and nearly 250 academic student organizations, Louisiana State presents an enormous gamut of learning opportunities at each of its multiple campuses. Celebrating its 150th year anniversary, Louisiana State is one of only twenty-one universities statewide that is recognized as a land grant, sea-grant, and space-grant institution. Attracting roughly 14 percent of the state’s total higher education enrolment, the student boy attending Louisiana State comes from a wide variety of cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds. Despite the fact that the average age of an incoming freshman at LSU is just twenty-one years old, many older students also choose to pursue their education at LSU.

Louisiana Tech University

Students at Louisiana Tech University are adamant about the importance of student organizations, of which there are nearly 160 to choose from. For many, the involvement that they play in student organizations is just as important as their participation in their classes. At Louisiana Tech University, a commitment to an outstanding academic curriculum, superior-quality athletic programs, an interdisciplinary learning environment, and active public service are defining characteristics of their institution. They have set themselves out to provide a prestigious learning institution that is safe for students, offering them new opportunities to learn about themselves and continue to grow well beyond their college education. In addition to their longstanding commitment to academics, Louisiana Tech is also home to 16 varsity sports , which compete in NCAA Division I – Western Athletic Conference.

Loyola University New Orleans

Based in one of the nation’s most renowned cultural melting pots, Loyal University New Orleans, stated out as the seat to the first Jesuits within the region. They were among the first settlers in New Orleans, and the first to have a radical idea to launch a University. It wasn’t until 1904 that the long-planned Loyal University opened its doors to the first students. Growing steadily over the years, in 1912 the institution made its transition from a school to a university, passing through the state congress to gain the appropriate recognition to begin awarding degrees to their students. The school of law and dentistry soon followed, creating a more dynamic university that continues to grow to this day. Alongside Loyola’s academic programs, the university also collaborates with numerous other centers and institutes. Given hands-on learning opportunities, students are able to give back to their community in the way of rewarding public service actions.

Tulane University

Highly regarded as one of the leading independent research universities, Tulane has been graduating top scholars since it’s founding in 1834. Focused on professional degrees in the liberal arts, science and engineering, architecture, business, law, social work, medicine and public health and tropical medicine, Tulane takes pride in what they are able to provide for their students, and what they have been giving back to the community. One of their missions is to give back to the city of New Orleans. Ever since Hurricane Katrina made a considerable dent on the life of the city, community service has become a hallmark characteristic of Tulane’s continued involvement in the rebirth of New Orleans.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Perhaps the only university in the world with a high level of education, superior athletic divisions, and a swamp on its campus, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is an impressive example of higher education learning. The University is among the leaders in programs devoted to computer science, environmental biology, and nursing. As one of the most affordable institutions for a four-year degree in the nation, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette attracts students from far and wide.

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