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Wyoming Scholarships and Financial Aid

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Wyoming is interesting in many ways. Wyoming’s nickname is The Equality State because it was the first state to give women the right to vote. Wyoming is also the U.S. state with the smallest population. Most of the state is covered with the hills of the Rocky Mountains. Students planning to attend post-secondary institutions in Wyoming have several choices. Wyoming has one public 4-year university, which is the University of Wyoming, located in Laramie. There are seven public 2-year colleges and also several other independent universities and colleges. Whether you’re attending the University of Wyoming or one of Wyoming’s community colleges, you may be eligible to receive financial aid to assist you with your educational expenses.

Four Main Types of Wyoming Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Federal financial aid – grants and low-interest loans
  • Wyoming state financial aid – scholarships and loans
  • Wyoming university and college scholarships
  • Other scholarships offered by Wyoming professional organizations, foundations, and businesses

Federal Financial Aid for Wyoming Students

Wyoming students with financial need may be eligible to receive federal financial aid. If you’re interested in federal financial aid, file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA applications are available online starting January 1, the year before the year you are requesting aid for. The national deadline for the FAFSA is June 30, the year you are requesting aid for. Your school may also have a priority deadline for the FAFSA, so check with your financial aid office to see when it is. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January 1 since federal financial aid is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Federal financial aid is administered through your school’s financial aid office. Financial aid officers will decide how much you need based on what you reported in your FAFSA and offer you a financial aid package. You may receive grants and/or loans and can accept as much or as little as you want.

Wyoming State Financial Aid

The state of Wyoming provides a few financial aid programs to assist Wyoming students with educational expenses. These programs are available:

Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship Program
This Wyoming financial aid program is available at the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Community Colleges. Scholarships in the amounts of $800 to $1600 are awarded to Wyoming students based on merit and need. Contact your financial aid or scholarship office for more information on this program.

Teacher Shortage Loan Repayment Program
Juniors enrolled in the teacher education program at the University of Wyoming are eligible to participate in this Wyoming financial aid program. Preference is given to students pursuing teacher certification in special education, math, or science. To be considered, file a FAFSA by the last Friday in April and complete a TSLRP application.

Veteran’s Tuition Programs
There are several veteran tuition programs to assist veterans and families of veterans. Please click here for applications.

Wyoming Investment in Nursing
This Wyoming financial aid program was designed to support students in nursing programs at the University of Wyoming or one of the Wyoming Community Colleges. Discuss your options with a representative in your program and file a FAFSA.

Wyoming University and College Scholarships

Wyoming students may be eligible to receive scholarships from universities and colleges they attend. Scholarships are usually awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, major, special talent, leadership/community involvement, or any combination of these criteria and more. Here are a few examples. Casper College offers the Collins, Mark Nursing Scholarship to nursing majors with a 2.5 GPA or better. Eastern Wyoming College offers the Eastern Wyoming College Outstanding Student Scholarship to freshmen and sophomores with 3.75 GPAs or higher. Western Wyoming College offers the Special Ability Grant to students with talents in art, dance, music, theater or athletics. The University of Wyoming offers several department-sponsored scholarships, including the Russell I. Hammond Scholarship to graduate students studying educational leadership. These are just a few of the many scholarships available through Wyoming universities and colleges. Your school may have these types of scholarships as well as other scholarships available.

Scholarship application procedures differ from school to school. Some schools require a general application for all scholarships, while others require separate applications. Most merit-based scholarships are awarded through the admissions process or automatically by GPA, so students do not have to submit separate applications. Scholarships awarded based on major, special talent, or leadership/community involvement may require separate applications. See your financial aid or scholarship office for more information.

Other Scholarships Offered By Wyoming Professional Organizations, Foundations, and Businesses

Another type of scholarship is offered by Wyoming professional organizations, foundations, and businesses. Here is a list of just some of the scholarships that can be found in Wyoming:

Wyoming Wool Growers Association
Award: Scholarships in the amounts of $300 or $1,000.
Qualifications: Wyoming residents attending accredited post-secondary institutions.
Deadline: Usually in April.
Application: Click here to download an application.

Wyoming Community Foundation
Award: A number of scholarships available.
Qualifications: Vary depending on individual scholarships.
Deadline: Varies depending on individual scholarships.
Application: Click here to download applications.

Wyoming FFA Foundation Scholarship
Award: 15 scholarships
Qualifications: High school seniors.
Deadline: March 1
Application: Check the foundation homepage after Christmas for new applications.

Wyoming Groundskeepers and Growers Association
Award: Green Industry Scholarship in the amount of $500.
Qualifications: Be a junior or senior majoring in a field related to horticulture or be a member or be related to a member of the WGGA studying any field.
Deadline: December 10
Application: Click “here”: http://www.wgga.org/Scholarship.htm for an application.

Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation
Award: Gary Beach Memorial Scholarship.
Qualifications: This scholarship supports students who are studying fields related to natural resource management at the University of Wyoming. Students must be at a junior standing or higher to apply.
Deadline: See foundation homepage for current deadline.
Application: See foundation homepage for current application.

Wyoming State Soccer Association
Award: Renewable scholarships in the amounts of $500 to $1,000.
Qualifications: High school seniors or college students who play soccer and were associated with Wyoming Youth Soccer are eligible to apply.
Deadline: See association homepage for current deadline.
Application: Click here to download an application.

Wyoming Trucking Association
Award: Scholarships
Qualifications: Applicants must have graduated from a Wyoming high school and be pursuing a career in the Highway Transportation Industry.
Deadline: Usually in March.
Application: Click here to download an application.

Three Things to Keep In Mind About Wyoming Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Many states have state FAFSA deadlines, but since Wyoming doesn’t, you should check with your school’s financial aid office as soon as possible to see when its priority deadline is. Filing your FAFSA before your school’s priority deadline may give you a better chance of receiving all possible federal assistance.
  • Although there may not be many Wyoming state financial aid programs, individual Wyoming universities and colleges offer hundreds of scholarships. You should check with your financial aid office to see which programs are available.
  • If you have exhausted all other Wyoming financial aid and scholarship options, remember that many organizations and businesses in your area may be offering scholarships. Call them up or check their websites.

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