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Scholarships for Public Health Majors

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Pursuing a career in public health involves such matters as determining what diseases pose a threat to society, and how the environment affects overall health. To be a successful public health professional a proper education is needed. And how do you pay for that education? Public health majors have many financial aid options. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Many colleges and universities offer general scholarships and other financial assistance through their financial aid office. These institutions may also offer departmental scholarships specific to the student’s area of study. And the scholarship search doesn’t have to end here. There are many outside scholarships dedicated to public health majors, too. These can be found using the Internet, searching by key words to locate organizations, foundations, and societies which offer public health scholarships.

Where to Find Free Money for Public Health Majors

Free money may sound impossible to obtain, but it doesn’t have to be. Scholarships are free money…a great supplement to public health majors’ financial aid package, because it does not have to be repaid. Public health majors can find scholarships on campus, or by doing some research on their own using the Internet. Most scholarship money can be found at the university or college, or from outside organizations, and foundations that encourage and support career interest in public health and its related fields.

Here are examples of public health scholarships:

College Scholarships

At the University of Minnesota, public health majors have a variety of scholarship options. All awards are offered through the School of Public Health. They include the William Foege Scholarship—for students interested in international public health; Lee & Donna Stauffer Scholarship—awarded to students who major in public health administration; and, Nancy A. Robertson Endowed Graduate Fellowship—which is awarded to graduate students enrolled in a master’s program, or a doctoral program. Amounts for these scholarships vary and depend on funding for the year.

The University of Wisconsin offers many scholarships through its Department of Public Health Professions. Some include:

  • Amber Starr Krenz Memorial Scholarship—awards $500 to public health majors planning to study abroad who require additional funds.

  • Tim Nelson Memorial Scholarship—awarded to Native American public health majors. Award amount varies.

  • Charles & Isabel Ihle Medical Sciences Scholarship—this scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in the public health program. This is an annual award which provides $1,200 in scholarship money.

The Oregon Health & Science University offers the Mitch Greenlick Public Health Scholarship to qualifying students. Applicants must show an interest in servicing under-represented communities, or giving to public health science.

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia offers a number of public health scholarships through the Rollins School of Public Health. Some awards include:

  • Robert W. Woodruff Fellowships—awarded to outstanding graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in public health. Five scholarships are awarded. This scholarship covers tuition and fees and includes a $5,000 stipend.

  • William Randolph Hearst Scholarship—this scholarship is awarded to one student from Georgia whose career interest includes providing public health services to those in need in the state of Georgia. Award amount varies.

  • Sallie B. Lee Scholarship—this scholarship funds half the tuition for a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in public health.

Outside Scholarships for Public Health Majors

These scholarships are a great supplement to any student’s financial aid package because they lessen the need for student loans. Examples of outside scholarships include:

The National Environmental Health Association, along with the American Academy of Sanitarians Scholarships awards $1,000 to graduate students pursuing a public health degree. All applicants must demonstrate financial need to apply.

The Arkansas Public Health Association offers a $1,000 scholarship and a $500 scholarship to students who are residents of Arkansas majoring in a public health field. Letter of reference is required to be considered.

Scholarship Tips for Public Health Majors

  • Check with the school’s public health department for scholarship opportunities. Many schools offer career-specific scholarships for its public health majors.
  • Don’t exclude the financial aid office. Besides departmental scholarships, many institutions offer general scholarships based on merit and/or financial need.
  • Seek outside scholarships. The Internet is a great source for finding public health scholarships offered by associations, organizations, and foundations.

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