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Environmental Science Scholarships

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Seeking a career in environmental science and wondering how to pay for your college education? Environmental science is the study of human activities and they effect the environment. Educational programs in environmental science are designed to prepare students for careers in government agencies, private consulting firms, or education. Whichever career path an environmental science major pursues, financial assistance may be needed to pay for higher education.

Scholarships are great way to take the burden off of unwanted student loans. Environmental science majors can seek scholarships both on campus and off campus. On campus, there are general scholarships through the financial aid office, and departmental awards through the environmental science department. In addition, some associations and organizations offer environmental science scholarships that should be considered. These awards can be discovered by using the Internet.

Free Money for Environmental Science Students

By obtaining scholarships, or free money, environmental students can ease the stress of paying for college expenses. Scholarships are a great addition to any student’s financial aid package because they do not have to be repaid. As an environmental science major, the list of scholarships is plentiful.

Many colleges and universities offer departmental scholarships specific to environmental science majors. There are also a variety of outside scholarships available to qualifying students. Some outside awards can also be found are under environmental studies, and environmental engineering, and other environmental-related fields. Here are some examples:

Institutional Scholarships

At the University of California—Riverside, the Department of Environmental Sciences offers several scholarships for qualifying students. The George and Hilda Liebig Environmental Sciences Scholarship for Undergraduate Excellence is awarded to the environmental science major with the highest grade point average. Award amount is $500. Stolzy-Letey Environmental Sciences Scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior level student majoring in environmental science. Amount awarded is $750.

Baylor University in Waco, Texas, offers several departmental scholarships to qualifying students through the Environmental Science department. Award amounts vary each year. Here are a few scholarships offered: The Catherine Ross Bolton Memorial Scholarship; the Galen E. Green, Ph.D. Scholarship; and, The Clara Yates Wieland Environmental Studies Scholarship Fund.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers several scholarships through the Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences department. The Illinois Federation of Outdoor Resources Undergraduate Scholarship awards $1,000 to an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in one of the NRES programs. The Illinois Federation of Outdoor Resources Graduate Scholarship is given to one graduate student enrolled in one of the graduate NRES programs in the amount of $1,000.

Outside Scholarships

The Ohio Academy of Science offers the Ohio Environmental Science & Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Program. The scholarships offered are strictly merit-based awards provided to Ohio students pursuing a career in environmental sciences or environmental engineering. Recipients enrolled in a 2-yr program receive $1,250; recipients in 4-5-yr programs receive $2,500. These scholarships are nonrenewable.

Windstar Environmental Studies Scholarship Program is administered by the Windstar Foundation. This foundation provides two $500 scholarships to undergraduate students at the junior or senior level of college, majoring in an Environmental Studies, or Environmental Engineering degree program. In addition, the foundation provides one $1,000 scholarship to a graduate student in their second year of graduate studies. Applicants must be enrolled in an Environmental Studies, Environmental Engineering program, or other environmental-related field to apply.

The Garden Club of America offers several summer study scholarship programs. The Mary T. Carothers Summer Environmental Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students looking to perform summer field work, research, or coursework in the environmental field. Awarded to one student each year in the amount of $2,000. The Clara Carter Higgins Environmental Studies Scholarship as well as GCA Awards For Summer Environmental Studies are awarded to up to two qualifying students in the amount of $2,000 each. The Elizabeth Gardner Norweb Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in the environmental field. Recipient is awarded $2,000.

Tips about Environmental Science Scholarships

  • Talk to a financial aid representative for general scholarship opportunities on campus.
  • Check with the environmental science department for all possible scholarships specific to your field of study.
  • Seek other scholarship by using the Internet. Some organizations which encourage students to pursue careers in environmental science offer scholarships to help pay for college expenses.
  • Look beyond environmental science. Some institutions and organizations offer scholarships under other categories such as environmental studies, or other environmental-related fields.

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