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National Association for Campus Activities

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

Established in 1960, the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) is a not-for-profit organization which offers a number of activities, publications, educational programs, and networking opportunities for college and university campuses nationwide. Some of NACA’s programs highlight multicultural education, concert management, program planning, as well as leadership development for professionals and students.

Through its mission of providing campus activities for colleges and universities to develop business and educational opportunities for the institutions and its members, NACA possesses a strong membership. With over 1,000 college and university members and nearly 650 associate members, NACA is the information source for campus offices and activities. Its educational programs include a digital library which houses campus activity data; educational conferences and professional development programs; and an online bookstore complete with programming information, student development tools, and campus activity resources.

NACA also previews talent and books entertainment which is offered on campuses across the United States. With its national convention and six regional conferences, representatives from colleges and universities get the opportunity to network with artists and agencies to book concerts and other events for their campus.

Due to the organization’s connection with colleges and universities, the NACA Foundation was established in 1982. Its purpose is to constantly offer educational programs and services to students and professional staff on college and university campuses nationwide. The Foundation offers several scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as programs for professional members seeking career development programs. This article provides some examples of NACA’s student scholarships. For a complete listing, check out the NACA website.

Scholarship Programs Offered by the National Association for Campus Activities

The NACA Foundation provides a number of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as associate members of the organization. Students must be nominated each year to be considered for an award.

All applications must be submitted electronically, as well as any supplemental materials to be considered for any award. No documents are accepted via email, mail, or by fax. Copies of transcripts and letters of recommendation are accepted. Only U.S. citizens are eligible.

Wisconsin Region Student Leadership Scholarship: This is a one-time award that is not renewable, designed especially for undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree program in student activities, or other student services field. To be considered, applicants must possess a good academic record, be enrolled at, or have a degree from, an institution within the state of Wisconsin, or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Students should be U.S. citizens with leadership abilities and be involved in campus service projects. Need not be a member to apply. High school students are not eligible for this award. Deadline for this scholarship is in January. Scholarship awarded typically covers tuition and fees, and other educational expenses. Remaining funds can be returned, or used toward college expenses the following academic year.

NACA Regional Council Student Leader Scholarships: This scholarship program was designed to award an undergraduate student from each of NACA’s regions. Award amount varies by year and is made possible by contributions from each region. Award money can be used for tuition and fees, books, and related educational expenses. To apply, applicants must possess a good academic record; hold a leadership role on campus; demonstrate leadership abilities; be a U.S. Citizen; and, be involved with campus communities. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation, a resume, and verification of enrollment from their college or university. Application and supplemental materials must be submitted online between the months of March and May. NOTE: The first 75 qualifying applicants are considered for this award.

NACA Foundation Graduate Scholarships: Four separate graduate scholarships are awarded including: Donald L. McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund; New England McCullough Memorial Scholarship Fund; William E. Brattain Graduate Scholarship Fund; and, Hayward M. “Skip” Daugherty, Jr. Graduate Scholarship Fund. The Brattain and Daugherty scholarships are available to students residing in the designated area codes, and states. (see website for exact area codes and states) Graduate students applying for these scholarships must be U.S. citizens with a minimum grade point average of 2.5, enrolled in a master’s degree program or doctorate degree program in student personnel services or related field, and show proof of acceptance to an accredited graduate school. In addition, students must be involved with campus activities with the career aspirations of becoming a campus activities professionals. To apply, students must submit a resume, a copy of their transcript, two letters of reference, and a summary of professional goals. Deadline for any of these scholarships is in May.

Scholarships for Student Leaders: This award is designed for undergraduate students who demonstrate leadership abilities and have been involved with campus communities. Seven scholarships are awarded annually to qualifying students. To be considered, undergraduate students must be U.S. citizens and possess academic excellence, and hold a leadership position on campus. To apply, students must submit two letters of recommendation, a resume, and verification of enrollment from their college or university. Application and supplement materials must be submitted online between September and November. NOTE: The first 75 qualifying applicants are considered for this award.

National Association for Campus Activities: Scholarship Notes to Keep in Mind

  • Apply for all scholarships in which you meet the requirements since scholarships are based on the generous donations of others. Some awards cannot be made available if the designated minimum funding amount is not established.
  • Many of NACA’s scholarships are based on regions in which the college or university is located. Read the fine print and make sure the institution you are attending falls within that region prior to applying.
  • In addition to student scholarships, NACA also offers professional development scholarships to working professionals. For example the NACA Scholarship to ACPA Mid-Level Management Institute is dedicated to professional staff looking to enhance their skills and their knowledge of changing campus dynamics. For more information about this scholarship and others that are similar, go to the NACA website.

Contact Information for the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)

National Association for Campus Activities
13 Harbison Way
Columbia, SC 29212

PH: (803) 732-6222
FAX: (803) 749-1047

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