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Hispanic Scholarship Fund

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The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is a not-for-profit organization that strives to advance higher education among Hispanic Americans. Established in 1975, HSF has awarded nearly $280 million in scholarships. HSF is the leading Hispanic scholarship organization in the nation. It provides scholarships to Hispanic students enrolled at universities and colleges in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.

HSF’s mission is to aid in breaking the cycle of Hispanic under-education by providing outreach programs and financial support for Hispanic students looking to further their education. Outreach programs include assistance with admissions application forms, and guidance through the financial aid process. HSF also offers a number of publications, online resources, and nationwide programs to assist students and their families through the college admissions and financial aid processes.

HSF offers a number of financial aid programs for a variety of students including graduating high school seniors, transfer students, community college students, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. This article offers detailed information about these awards along with eligibility and requirements.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Financial Aid Program

HSF offers a comprehensive financial aid program for qualifying Hispanic students, including graduating high school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students, community college students, and other scholarships. Here are some examples of each:

The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS): This scholarship program is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help graduating high school students from various minority/ethnic groups pay for an undergraduate college degree in any major; or a graduate program in science, mathematics, engineering, library science, education, or public health. Applicants must be one of the following minority groups to be considered: Hispanic American, African American, Asian Pacific Islander American, or American Indian/Alaska Native. Other requirements include a minimum grade point average of 3.3; leadership abilities; and great financial need. Deadline for this award is in January.

HSF/AT&T Foundation Scholarship: Made possible by AT&T Foundation together with HSF to financially assist graduating Hispanic high school students planning to enroll at a two-year, or four-year institution. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or possess permanent residency status, be 25 years old or younger, and possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Applications are only accepted from students who are dependents of AT&T employees. Amount awarded for two-year colleges is $1,500; and, $2,500 for those enrolled at four-year institutions. NOTE: Grandchildren, stepchildren, and children of senior managers or officer are not eligible for this award. Deadline for this award is in February.

HSF/ExxonMobil Scholarship Program: This award is made possible through a partnership with ExxonMobil for undergraduate Latino students majoring in one of the following disciplines: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering, or chemical engineering. Applicants must be of Hispanic descent, a U.S. citizen or hold permanent residency, and possess a minimum GPA of 3.0. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required. Scholarship is restricted to students attending certain universities only. (go to HSF website for a list of accepted universities) Deadline for this award is in March.

HSF/Yum Yum Donuts Scholarship: This is a competitive award given to undergraduate students of Hispanic descent from California enrolled in a four-year degree program. The award amount is $3,000. Preference is given to students majoring in a business-related field. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, or hold permanent residency status, be enrolled full-time, and have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered. Candidates should be from one of the following areas of California to apply: Northern California, San Diego, or Greater Los Angeles. Deadline for this award is in January.

HSF/General College Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to qualifying undergraduate and graduate Hispanic students. Amount awarded ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 to assist a Hispanic student obtain a college education. Candidates must be U.S. citizens, or hold permanent residency status; be enrolled full-time; have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); and, possess a 3.0 grade point average or higher. Application deadline is in December.

HSF/Cummins Scholarship Program: This award is given to outstanding Latino students entering their sophomore or junior year who are attending a four-year institution. Award amount is $2,500. To be considered, applicants must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a resume, possess a minimum GPA of 3.0, be enrolled full-time, and pursuing a degree in one of the following disciplines: finance, electrical engineering, computer science, business administration, accounting, human resource management, industrial engineering, or mechanical engineering. Preference is given to students from the following states: Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, and Kentucky. Application deadline is in February.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Financial Aid Program: Things to Note

  • This article touched on some of the scholarships offered through HSF’s financial aid program. For a complete list of awards, check out the HSF website.
  • Many of the scholarships are geared toward specific student types, such as transfer students, community college students, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as graduating high school seniors. Be sure to read the qualifications carefully so you know which apply to you.
  • HSP partners with other organizations to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to Hispanic students majoring in specific areas of study. Be sure to you meet all requirements prior to applying.
  • Start your search for financial aid early. With so many options offered by HSF, you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

How to Contact the Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
55 Second Street, Ste. 1500
San Francisco, CA 94105
PH: (877) 473-4636
FAX: (415) 808-2302

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