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Online Doctoral Programs

PhD Degrees and Doctorates

Have you completed your master’s degree in the program of your choice and now want to return to school to earn your doctoral degree? This is usually the highest of level of education one can achieve, and with this level of education come many wonderful career opportunities.

Having a doctoral or PhD degree will create many advancement opportunities for you, and you can earn your degree online, which is one of the most convenient ways to earn a degree. You don’t have the hassles of commuting, and if you are a stay-at-home parent, you will still have time to give your family the attention that they need. You will receive all of the benefits of actually sitting in the classroom, including taking part in discussions and lectures. In fact, you will have the same requirements as anyone attending a traditional college or university and must take the same courses.

The Benefits of Earning Your Doctoral Degree Online

There are a number of online doctoral programs available for you to choose from, all offered by nationally accredited colleges and universities. Gone are the days of home-study programs that offer diplomas that are worth no more than the paper they are printed on. Now, people can earn nationally recognized degrees from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are too busy to take traditional classes, you can schedule your online classes for whatever time suits you best. If you only have time during the wee hours, for instance, you can still earn your doctoral degree.

Types of Online Doctoral Degree Programs

There are many different doctoral degree programs available for you to earn online. Some of the degree programs you may want to specialize in include business, criminal justice, education/teaching, health-care, human services, legal/paralegal, liberal arts, nursing, political science, religious studies and technology. Here we will discuss a few of these programs and the career opportunities that doctoral degrees can provide.

  • Business Doctoral Degree Programs – If you have concentrated your studies in the area of business, you can earn a number of business doctoral degrees. Some of the degree programs you may be interested in include accounting, business administration, marketing, leadership, human resources, international business, project management and many, many more. There are many nationally accredited colleges and universities that offer all of these programs, and you can take all of your classes online.
  • Criminal Justice Doctoral Degree Programs – Having an online doctoral degree in criminal justice will help to enhance your already-great career in criminal justice. If you have been working in this field and already hold a master’s degree, you will be eligible to earn your doctoral degree. Some of the criminal justice degree programs available include computer security, law enforcement, policing and investigation, public safety and security, forensics, corrections and more.
  • Healthcare Doctoral Degree Programs – If you have decided that you would like to earn your PhD in health care, there are many options available for you to specialize in. Some of these areas include health services, nursing, public health, healthcare management, physical and occupational therapy, health specialties and many more. You will be prepared to work in a number of different institutions, in such careers as physical therapy, public health informatics, professor in health area topics or even the director of a healthcare institution.
  • Education/Teaching Doctoral Degree Programs – Having a doctoral degree in education and/or teaching will provide you with the means to advance your teaching career to the next level. You may be interested in specializing in such areas as adult education, special education, curriculum and instruction, educational leadership and administration and general education.

No matter what program you decide to specialize in, it is easy to earn your doctoral degree online. In addition to being able to go over class material again and again, you will be able to ask your professors questions and get involved with other students.

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