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The Bachelor of Arts Degree

Online Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Full- and Part-time Bachelor of Arts Programs

The Bachelor of Arts degree is definitely one of the most popular degrees that you can earn in college. In fact, undergraduate degrees tend to either be Bachelor or Arts of Bachelor of Science. A Bachelor of Arts degree, or BA, can come in many forms and be an asset when it comes to your earning potential and employability.

Full Time Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Many people enroll in full time Bachelor of Arts degree programs. As a full time student, you will typically take around 15-20 hours of coursework per week. You may or may not live on campus. Likewise, you might even find that some of your classes are available as online classes while some require you to attend them in a classroom setting.

When taking classes full time, you can generally expect to graduate within 4 years, although some students take 5 years to graduate. Your program might require you to complete an internship or practicum which could make your stay at your university longer.

Types of Courses in BA Programs

Typically, a Bachelor of Arts degree at a traditional school will also require you to complete some General Education classes, in addition to your regular coursework. In fact, your first 2 years of school might be devoted to taking these General Education classes which could consist of English, Math, History, Health, and even Physical Education. You may or may not be allowed to take courses pertaining to your major during this time period, depending on the policy of your school.

Part-time Bachelor of Arts Degrees

If you don’t have the time to attend classes full-time, then there is a part-time option as well when it comes to Bachelor of Arts degrees. When you are enrolled for part-time school, you might only take 6 credit hours a semester. Some people only have the time to take 1 class at a time. Of course, this will take you longer to graduate but for many students that have other obligations, attending school part time is the only way that they are able to get an education.

Online Bachelor of Arts Degree

It is also possible to gain a Bachelor of Arts degree online, too. Many popular programs are available in online schools or in distance learning venues. These can be incredibly convenient for the student that is unable to attend a traditional university setting.

Depending on the type of program that you are enrolled in, you might still have to enroll in an internship program so it’s possible that not all of your learning and education will be done online. However, the bulk of your coursework will be.

You should also be sure to check that your online university is accredited according to the program that you are enrolled in. This information should be readily available. If your school is not accredited then it might be difficult, or even impossible, for you to find employment in the future-even with your degree.

Common Bachelor of Arts Requirements

You will normally have to hold either a GED or a high school diploma in order to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts degree program. You might also have to take the SATs or ACTs if you are enrolling at a traditional university, although some online schools do not require this.

In order to stay in the program, your particular program might have a GPA requirement. In addition, your financial aid might be dependent on you staying enrolled on at least a part-time basis.

Popular BA Programs

There are a variety of degree programs available when it comes to obtaining a Bachelors of Arts degree. In fact, you can pretty much assume that most anything having to do with the liberal arts will fall into this category.

Some popular degree programs include:

  • Philosophy
  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • English
  • Literature
  • Religious Studies

With a BA, you can apply a lot of the skills that you earn while studying to a variety of job settings. This can not only assist you in finding future employment, but can also make you more marketable as an employee in your current profession as well.

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