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The Accounting Degree

Accounting Degree Programs, Requirements, and Courses

An Accounting degree has many advantages in the job market these days. Most companies, whether large or small, have bookkeepers on staff and the bulk of these positions require degrees in Accounting. In addition, many people with accounting degrees are able to go on and start their own businesses, either as freelancers or as small companies that provide accounting services for individuals.

Accounting Degree Programs

There are 3 main kinds of certified accountants in the United States: the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), and the Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

The CPAs are one of the most common types of accountants since they provide a lot of services including tax planning, auditing, financial advisory services, and litigation to the public. CIAs, on the other hand, tend to work for employers in the field of auditing.

Usually, to become a CPA, one must have an accredited Accounting degree in the form of at least a bachelor’s degree. Requirements do tend to vary, however, depending on the state that you are in.

Some common degree programs include:

  • BS in Accounting
  • BS in Business-Accounting
  • AA in Accounting
  • MS in Accountancy
  • MBA Accounting

Online Accounting Degree Programs

You can find a variety of online Accounting degree programs available. These include programs that offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s, and even certifications in Accounting. Depending on what your lifestyle and obligations might be, an online program might be better suited to you and your needs than a traditional university setting. You can also generally find specializations within these degree programs such as finance, managerial accounting, and professional accounting.

When signing up for an online school, you should ensure that it is accredited. A lot of accounting schools are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International.

Common Accounting Courses

There will be a variety of courses that you will have to complete in order to earn your accounting degree. These might consist of managerial accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial accounting. You might also find yourself taking courses in estate planning and even income tax laws.

You might also be required to take General Education classes, depending your institution. These could include classes that are not part of your Accounting degree and might be in the form of English, Science, Writing, and even Health.

Other classes that you might find yourself taking could include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Income Tax
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Contemporary Auditing
  • Non-profit Accounting
  • Personal Finance

Accounting Degree Requirements

An accounting degree generally takes around 150 credit hours and has specific courses that you might complete. To enroll in an Accounting degree program, you should hold either a high school diploma or GED. You might also have to take the ACTs or SATs, depending on the school that you will be enrolling in.

Job Outlook for Accountants

The job outlook for those who hold an Accounting degree is very good. With increased globalization, more companies looking to hire finance specialists, and the general retirement of the Baby Boomers, more and more job openings are becoming available within this field. In addition, many people are able to go out on their own and offer consulting services with a degree in Accounting, which makes it an appealing degree.

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