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Social Work Degree Programs: Bachelor's & Master's Degrees in Social Work, Accredited Online Social Work Degrees

A Social Work degree can prepare students wishing to work in the field of Social Work, which is as varied as the courses that you are required to take to earn the degree itself. There are both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Social Work available and a range of jobs that are geared towards people who hold a degree in this field.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work is often sought by those that wish to work in a government setting, although the degree doesn’t necessarily have to be used in this way. In fact, many people that hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work go on to work in non-profit organizations that are aimed at helping families in crisis or even elderly victims of abuse.

A Social Work degree typically takes four years to earn from a traditional on-campus university. It usually combines coursework with field experience, or a type of internship.

Coursework focuses on policy, critical thinking, ethics, administrative procedures, casework planning, and social counseling. It can also offer specific information regarding child welfare, employment services, community services, elderly welfare, and family services.

Online Bachelor degrees in Social Work

You can also earn an online Bachelor Degree in Social Work. An online Social Work degree help provides students with knowledge pertaining to the practice of social welfare and administration. You will probably find coursework geared towards counseling, family services, and intervention strategies.

Unlike some online programs, you will still be required to participate in an outside setting. This might be in the form of an internship or practicum so that you are able to receive hands-on work with the organization of your choice.

Accredited Schools for Social Work

Whether you are earning an online Social Work degree or one at a typical on-campus setting then you still need to ensure that it is accredited. Social Work programs should be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). If your school does not hold this accreditation, then you should look elsewhere or you might find it difficult to gain employment upon graduation.

If you graduate from a program that is not accredited by the CSWR, then you will not be able to take the Social Work licensing exam.

Master’s Degree in Social Work

Although you can usually find a job without any problems with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, some places require a Master’s degree in the field when it comes to clinical positions and health care positions. In a Master’s program, you can expect to get more in-depth knowledge pertaining to social justice, analysis, research methods, and human behavior.

Career Opportunities for Social Workers

As a Social Worker, you won’t have to necessarily work for the government and the Department of Community Based Services. Many Social Workers with a Social Work degree work for Family Services offered by non-profit organizations, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, children’s homes, foster care programs, and even adoption agencies.

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