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Physical Therapy Degree Overview: Online Physical Therapy Degree Programs, Bachelor's in Physical Therapy

A Physical Therapy degree can be a great degree to have these days. With more and more doctors referring their patients to Physical Therapists, there is a greater call for them then there has been in the past. Physical Therapy centers are opening up all over the country, and even more hospitals now are staffing them than ever before.

What makes a good Physical Therapist?

A person who enjoys working with people, as well as has an interest in health and sports, would probably be well suited for a Physical Therapy degree. These types of careers often appeal to those that have interest in physical activity or sports, or perhaps have overcome their own injuries or disabilities in the past.

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy: What’s involved?

Typically, a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy is enough to find a job in the field. Coursework usually focuses not only on science classes and biology, but also on sports, too, since a lot of injuries that Physical Therapists come across are due to sports related injuries.

As a student, you can expect to take a lot of classes in mathematics, biology, chemistry, science, and anatomy. You might also take classes in social science, psychology, and physics. Later on, you will be expected to take coursework in classes that are more geared specifically towards Physical Therapy. These could have to do with neuro-anatomy, examination techniques, therapeutic procedures, and biomechanics.

In addition to coursework, you will also have to take an internship so that you are able to gain practical experience within the field. Once you have completed your coursework and your internship, you will take the National Physical Therapy Examination in order to become a licensed Physical Therapist.

Online Physical Therapy Degree Programs

It is possible to obtain an online Physical Therapy degree. However, you must ensure that it is from an accredited school. The coursework is similar to that which you would find at an on-campus school. However, you will still have to partake in an internship so that you can gain the practical experience that comes with being a Physical Therapist.

Job Outlook for Physical Therapy Degree Holders

The job outlook for those that hold a Physical Therapy degree is actually very good. They are one of the fastest rising groups of professionals in the medical field, along with chiropractors, and are therefore in high demand. However, most people who are earning a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy are using their degrees and going on to receive their Master’s in order to make themselves more marketable, as well as to increase their earning potential.

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