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Forensic Accounting

Online Forensic Accounting Degrees

Combine auditing and accounting with investigation, you enter into the exciting world of Forensic Accounting. For those who hold a forensic accounting degree, they are able to choose from a variety of really interesting careers, including working closely with law enforcement officers to identify and help to prevent financial fraud.

What is Forensic Accounting?

Basically, a forensic accountant is one who investigates many types of financial crimes, and often, forensic accounting is known as investigative accounting. For students who decide to choose this career path, some of the things that they may be doing as part of their investigations will include auditing financial records, gathering evidence and conducting interviews with those who are involved in the cases that they will be working on.

There are a number of areas that students may want to consider specializing in when they have a forensic accounting master’s degree. One of the terrific careers to choose from is economic crime investigations. Investigating white collar crimes or even money laundering cases is not only interesting, it is exciting.

Experts in forensic accounting are often asked to provide expert testimony during legal proceedings, and graduates could be called as well once they earn a forensic accounting master’s degree.

Get a Forensic Accounting Degree Online

When studying online, people get the exact same education that they would get if they were physically attending a college or university to get their forensic accounting degree. But they get to do it in the comfort of their own homes. For those who have job or family commitments, taking classes online is convenient, as they can do so in their spare time and whenever they want to. Moreover, they don’t have the hassle of commuting and don’t have to worry about missing something from a lecture because they can always replay it.

Requirements for a Forensic Accounting Master’s Degree

For those interested in pursuing a forensic accounting master’s degree, there are certain criteria that will have to be met before being accepted into the program. In order to be eligible to apply for the master’s degree program, you will be required to have already earned your bachelor of forensic accounting degree.

Because forensic accounting often involves your being a part of court cases, you may be required to take some law courses. This way, you will have at least a basic understanding of the legal system and how the court system works. These are courses that you should be able to take when you study for your bachelor’s degree in forensic accounting. If you take them at this time, you will have more time to focus on the area of forensic accounting when you are studying for your master’s degree.
Students studying for a master’s degree in forensic accounting are required to have 30 to 40 credit hours before qualifying for their degrees, and those who are combining majors can expect to need as many as 55 credit hours in order to graduate. Just like students who are taking traditional classes, online students will also be expected to take part in discussions and lectures, and they are also required to take the same examination as other students. Students may also be required to take law enforcement and/or criminal justice.

Forensic Accounting – Career Path

Having a career in forensic accounting can be an exciting one, and the higher the level of degree earned, the better the chances are for graduates to get their dream jobs in forensic accounting.

Forensic accountants are professionals that use an exclusive combination of education and experience to apply to auditing, accounting and investigative expertise to uncover the truth, assist in investigations and form legal opinions. For many, forensic accounting is a truly unique and rewarding career to pursue!

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