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Finance Degrees

Accredited Online Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Finance

Earning a degree can be a time-consuming process, one that is not always possible for those who are working full time and/or raising families. For those who think that they will never be able to find the time to earn a degree and further their career opportunities to better support their families, they should know that they have options. There are a number of excellent degree programs offered by accredited colleges and universities, and once students decide which program is best suited to them, they can begin to get their career on track.

There are many programs available to choose from, and one that is extremely interesting is finance. Students can earn a number of business degrees online, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Receiving a finance degree will enable graduates to seek better employment than they currently are in, and they will be involved in a career that is not only exciting but will provide an excellent salary.

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

For those who have decided to study for a bachelor’s degree in finance, they are on their way to a wonderful and fulfilling career in the field of finance. There are many different programs that students may be interested in studying, including:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance

  • Bachelor of Science in Business/Finance

  • Bachelor of Science – Accounting/Finance

  • Bachelor of Arts – Finance

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Earning a bachelor degree in finance will help students to qualify for a number of excellent careers, including banking, risk management, insurance, corporate finance and much more. If anyone thinks that they would find a career in finance interesting, then earning a bachelor’s degree in finance is the first step on the path to a wonderful and fulfilling career to be proud of.

Master’s Degree in Finance

Many people who have already earned their bachelor’s degree in finance often choose to continue their education and go on to earn their master’s degree in finance. There are many online master’s programs in finance that students may wish to study, including:

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration – Finance

  • Master of Science in Finance

  • Master of Business Administration – Financial Analysis

  • Master of Business Administration – Financial Planning

Earning a master’s degree in finance will help students to achieve their career goals and earn the salary that they have always wanted. There are many career opportunities that graduates will be eligible for, including investment strategy, financial analysis, accounting and banking, just to name a few.

Requirements for a Master’s Degree in Finance

In order to earn a master’s degree in business, there are many requirements that students must meet. There are different areas of business degrees, and students must complete the requirements from the area that they are enrolled in. Once all courses are successfully completed, the graduates will receive a master’s degree with a designated specialty. There are core courses that are required, including Probability I and II, Statistical Interference and Numerical Methods. Other courses include Foundation of Finance, Asset Pricing, Theory and Practice, Continuous Time Finance, Microeconomic Theory and Econometrics.

No Need to Stop at a Master’s Degree in Finance

Once a student has earned a master’s degree in finance, there have a couple of options. They will be fully prepared to enter the work force with an excellent starting salary. Or they may want to consider furthering their education even more by studying for a doctorate degree.

No matter what students decide, once a finance degree is earned, they will have the qualifications to go out and get the jobs of their dreams.
Popular career paths may lead into private equity investing, investment management, investment banking, hedge funds, public finance, corporate finance and consumer finance.

Some job titles in finance include:

  • CFO or Chief Financial Officer

  • Investment banker

  • Financial analyst

  • Hedge fund manager

  • Management consultant

  • Credit manager

  • Insurance analyst

  • Venture capitalist

  • Accounting manager

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